Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Family's Greatest Challenge

While on overseas tour of work in Manila last month, My sister, Abel had a serious case of periodontal infection. She suffered a lot of pain and wasn't able to eat and sleep well because of it. She was treated by a Periodontist who drained the abscess. Her condition improved upon her return here in Sydney.

Two days after her return, she and her family were on their way to San Francisco for a scheduled vacation. On the second day of her stay in the States, she called me complaining of slight fever occurring mostly at bedtime, this was accompanied by slight colds and recurrence of the gum problem. I attributed the fever and colds to a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract and just told her to rest and take analgesics on a "pro re nata" basis.

The fever persisted until finally on her last week of stay in California, she was experiencing chest pains and difficulty of breathing. I told her to see a doctor to rule out the possibility of other disease entities. She was subsequently confined in one of the private hospital in Antioch. Workups were done including a full blood count. Her initial WBC was 27 and on the second day it went up to 32. She was referred to a hematologist who reviewed her peripheral smear. Blast cells were found and she was diagnosed to have Leukaemia.

We were all shocked with the news. I was in the Philippines at that time. My first reaction was, no! it can't be, they must be wrong. So I advised them to go back immediately to Sydney as I was on my way back here as well. I told her not to think of the diagnosis because a bone marrow biopsy is not yet done.

Tomorrow she is scheduled to be admitted at Westmead Hospital for a complete workup, including the bone marrow aspiration biopsy. The initial diagnosis of Leukaemia will be established tomorrow. We are all facing a serious battle here, a battle of survival from a very dangerous illness. I know that with God's help and everybody's prayers, my sister, Abel will triumph against this dreadful disease.

Once again our family is faced with a very difficult challenge. A problem, I know we can carry all together. Please join me and my family in asking for help from the Almighty. I know He is good and kind and He will extend to us once again the blessings He bestowed on us when my mother was on a very serious condition.

Please pray for Abel...

Monday, April 06, 2009

My Life In Writing

It's been a while since I last contributed to the Blog Rounds. Accept my sincerest apologies. Life's a lot different when you are abroad and I'm sure many can attest to that. I also would like to say thank you to the moderator of this week's blog rounds for inviting me again to participate. Cheers to you Ligaya! I'm sure you'll do well.

My life became an open book, well at least some part of it, ever since I started blogging. If you'll read some of my entries here, you'll surely get to know me well as a person.

I hail from a province of poets and beautiful lasses, Bulacan. Malolos is my hometown and I live near the church at the back of your 10 peso bill. I am half Ivatan, half Bulakenyo. I'm the 3rd among 5 siblings. Presently I am already based here in Sydney and I don't work as a doctor anymore. I was once a Pediatrician and used to have a meager private practice in Pulilan. I am still single but currently in a very serious relationship.

Nobody influenced me to write. It's just that I can easily communicate and express myself through writing rather than conversing. If there is one book that I will recommend you guys to read, it's Og Mandino's "The Gift Of Acabar." He has a simple "life instruction" there in the "Credenda." I usually blog hop when I have the time. Sometimes it's worthwhile reading other peoples ideas and thoughts. Of the many entries I have in my weblog, these are some of my favorites...

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Thanks once again for the invite! Cheers!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Grow Old

It seems like yesterday when we were celebrating the first day of 2009. Well, today is already April Fool's day and nobody seems to have noticed it. Time is on its supersonic mode, like a McLaren-Mercedes MP4-24 car zooming full speed on 6th gear. It is literally flying, like an F-18 Hornet at mach 1.8... very fast indeed!

At the rate at which the earth is rotating in its axis, it won't take long for us to grow with age. It's a bit scary to think that there are so much things to do with so little time. Life is indeed very short. Might as well do things in order now than ending up with regrets of not doing them at all. It's terrifying to think that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will be biting the dust already because of old age because I know for a fact that our generation is next in line.

For now let us all live our lives meaningfully to the fullest. Play fair, be good neighbors and friends so that when its time to go to the other side, we'll be remembered pleasantly. Let us limit our carbon footprints and make this planet a better place to live in for the future generations to come.

Say I love you more often...

Enjoy life, what's left of it.