Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Arnel Pineda's JOURNEY

Mabuhay ka!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Temporary (?) Signing Off

I will be having a leave of absence in the blogosphere. I have to study the whole medical course again in a month's time in preparation for the AMC MCQ. I do not know how to do it as I am working at the same time... I need prayers please.

I will be just lurking in the background.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Fault Finding

Last Friday I worked in the Frenchs Forest collection room. That collection centre was termed "The Kingdom" by other DHM staff members because all our bosses have their office there. I was surprised when our area manager, Diana, called me to her office. I had a bad feeling I was going to be reprimanded and my hunch was right. Apparently she received a two complaints from an anonymous staff or staffs that I was not cleaning my work area after my tour of duty, especially doing the rubbish bins; and for that I experience a litany of sorts from Diana!

I was shocked and felt really disturbed about it. I know for a fact that I am not that kind of person. I admit I didn't do the rubbish bin last Tuesday when I was in Cremorne but that was the only time I didn't take the rubbish out. This is my side of the story...

Last Monday I worked in Big Bear, Neutral Bay Medical Center, I was about to take all the rubbish that afternoon when my co-collector Muazama stopped me from doing so. She told me that every time I work in Medical Centers, like the Big Bear, I don't have to worry about cleaning the bins because a cleaner is assigned to do the thing. Cool!

Tuesday, I was in Cremorne Medical Center. Its quite a busy collection room because you are all alone by yourself there. I hate to work there, honestly. In case you have a very difficult collection, you have nobody to ask for help. After finishing at 1 pm, I tidied up the collection bench and the room. I was about to do the rubbish bins when I remembered what Muazama had told me. Cremorne collection room was inside a Medical Center and I thought that a cleaner will do the bins there as well.

I admit I was guilty and I apologized for that. Now I know that each and every collection rooms has its own rules, its own style to say so. What you can do in one room is entirely different to another and sadly for me, I am being assigned everywhere, each day, a new collection center.

I just do not want Diana or the other bosses to think that I am always like that. I am not! I work hard everyday and I am sure that the company is getting all the services from me that is due them, I work hard for every dollar I earn. I am sure many can vouch for that. I usually don't have "cuppas" or "smokos" which the others do everytime.

Lastly, it is not very nice for someone to pull down another just to gain "pogi" points. I thought it only happens in the Philippines. It's just the same as our "crab mentality" back home. It's disgusting and annoying.

I rest my case.