Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Welcome to Hollyweird!

They say we should wonder why people become insane, I say we should marvel why we are still in our right minds. The world has gone crazy! A big statement to say, I know, but look around you, observe and see then tell me if I am wrong or not. Time really has its effect on human beings. The advancement in technology, the food and drinks we ingest, the medications we take, the stress we get from the daily hustle and bustle of life, all contribute someway and somehow to how people think and act right now. Gone are the days when people live simple and healthy lives. Gone are the days when kids just play under the heat of the sun and worry about nothing. Gone are the days when we can roam around the community without any fear of being harmed. The world became so crowded that survival is just limited to the fittest, wittiest and strongest of the crop! Humans resort to a lot of things just to cope up and adjust to the way of living in this modern times. Scary as it may seem but it's the reality and we are all sucked in in this ebb and flow of life. In conclusion, I wish we all pause for awhile... Slow down... Look back to where we came from. Think... And maybe we could realize that we are forgetting and neglecting the one MOST important entity in this whole universe, our Lord and our God. Stop for a moment and offer a prayer of gratitude to Him for up to now He keeps us alive and well, both physically and mentally. Thank you Lord for keeping me safe and sound, for allowing me to enjoy the beauty of your creations, for all the blessings you bestow me, for providing me with all that I need. For giving me the love of my life, Nen and for keeping my siblings, nieces and nephews healthy. I continue to pray for us to keep our sanity until the day we worry no more.


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