Wednesday, November 03, 2010


He wakes to the sound of his mobile phone, relentlessly sounding an alarm as if telling "firies" to swing into action. He was about to enter another cycle of sleep when he was pestered by the annoying sound.

"Oh no! Not now." He whispered to himself. It was already quarter past five and he needs to get ready for another day at work. With his eyes half opened, his thoughts still adrift and his brain tiptoeing to the borderline of sleep and actuality, he reached for his phone, slid the screen lock to silence the alarm and exclaimed, "Dammit I still wanna sleep, shut the hell up!"

The night before that, he remembered waiting for somebody to show up in their usual rendezvous. He hang around for hours, puffing his cigar and sipping whiskey from his aluminum container. The night became deep, the air became colder, his tobacco reserve run out and his bottle dried up, he opted to head for home and called it a night. While walking, he wondered where the holy ghost could she be. It was so unusual for her to miss their regular night out. No calls, no nothing. Reaching his home, he went straight to bed and fell to a deep slumber but not after spending time pondering. His brain so hotly wired up, heaps of thoughts crisscrossed his mind. Like a bomb, it exploded, making his eyes move rapidly and then deep sleep ensued.

Morning came and still no sign of the lass. His phone smoked from repeated attempts to call her. Minutes turned to hours then finally a message from an uncanny source, a social networking application. She was stuck somewhere and she couldn't get out. He breathed a sigh of relief for earlier he thought aliens came, abducted her and made experiments on her.

The alarm went off again! He was startled while he simultaneously looked at his watch. "Dang, it's 5 past 6! He was dreaming the entire time!

Now he is late for work!


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