Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hoping For The Best For Our Tatay

It's been a long time since I wrote something here, taking time off from writing can sometimes make one to get off track. I am really lost for words as I haven't pressed this keyboard, to write, for quite a while now. I find it hard to think up especially when there is really nothing to scribble about. I was hoping my next post has something good about it but I guess there isn't. I wasn't planning on blogging tonight but I just can't help but ask all of you out there to please join me and my family in offering intentions and prayers for our dearest father, Pete Hornedo.

Yesterday, Sunday, the 23rd of May, at around 5:30ish in the morning, my sister, Abel, heard a loud thump from one of the rooms adjacent to theirs, it sounded like a very huge object fell from a certain height. When they checked to see what was it, they saw my father sprawled on the floor. He was trying to get up but was to weak to do it. They immediately woke me up as I was sleeping downstairs with my mum and when I saw him, he was conscious but very agitated and confused, he was forcing his way up to sit. I told him to keep still as I was trying to put him on the "recovery position" so I can check his vitals. I noticed that he was not in his usual self, as he will always follow me and do whatever he is told. I examined his head, while trying to limit movement of his neck. I really had no idea what injuries he could have sustained from that fall. I had a notion that this was another stroke, having had so much histories and experiences of strokes in the family, I just couldn't leave a cerebro-vascular accident from my differentials or considering it as my initial impression. I also thought that it could be a hypoglycaemic episode as my father is a diabetic as well.

I told my siblings, we need to bring him to a hospital, so Heidi called 000 and asked for an ambulance which arrived a few minutes after the call. The paramedics checked his blood sugar which was OK so hypo or hyperglycaemia was ruled out. He was brought to Westmead Hospital and was eventually diagnosed to have a cerebral ischaemia on the left temporal lobe by CT scan. All throughout our stay in the ED, he was very agitated and confused. He was finally brought up to his room at around 5:00 in the afternoon and his sensorium was deteriorating.

Me and my family are appealing to you to please offer a short prayer for my father, we are all hoping he will recover from this ordeal. I know that it will be very hard for him as he had history of previous stroke before, but I still am keeping my hopes alive. May he survive this life threatening condition he is into at the moment. May GOD be with him all the way.

Again my sincerest gratitude for your prayers! God bless us all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will keep your father in our prayers. Please pray for me and my extended family also.
Thank you.

7:12 PM  

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