Friday, December 18, 2009

Loneliness Bug

Whew! Here I go again... Whinging if you might say, but hey, today really is a bloody frantic day at work. Everybody and everything needs to be done before the Christmas break. Believe it or not, I started at half past 12 and it's nearly 8ish before I got the chance to sit and rest. Whoa! What a day this really is. Earlier, before I can even log-on and put my stuff away, I was immediately plagued by handovers and endorsements, the main phone, which is a familiar accessory on my waist didn't stop ringing. It really was ridiculous, really crazy if I may add.

Now, I feel so tired and lonely... Looks like I literally consumed all my adrenaline. There's no more energy left in me anymore, hence another one of my rants! I cant help but look back on my past life back home, when I used to be on top of everything. Frustrating! This freaking loneliness bug is on my tail and is catching up quite fast. I hate this feeling! Bugger!

How I wish this haunting feeling will go away. I don't want to be sad come Christmas day. I don't want to wear a frowning mask at home and at work. Please help me drive this crazy feeling away.

I am so lost!


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