Friday, October 02, 2009


While punishing myself on the treadmill earlier, I thought of the very old paradox about the immovable object and the unstoppable force. It gave me an idea of a topic to expound on. Something to write about and make my blogsite move. A statement that indeed draws a senseless conclusion, no matter how sound or how sane your reasoning is. A phrase so contradicting that it will make your balls ache trying to decipher or interpret it.

There was once a gun store owner selling armour piercing bullets and bullet proof vests. When asked how good the bullets are, the owner said that the bullets can pierce through anything and when asked how good the vests are he replied that the vests can defend any gunshot attacks. Then when asked what will happen if his armour piercing bullets were to be used against his vests, the owner could not give a good answer. Made him think and stopped claiming that his bullets can pierce everything and his vests can protect anyone from any gunshot attacks.

Sometimes this paradox happens in reality, in our very own lives. What really will happen when an unstoppable force finally meets an immovable object? Disaster, adversity, failure and tragedy I suppose. Again it all boils down to one catastrophic and destructive word which rules and dominates the whole of mankind, PRIDE. Not the group of lions forming a social unit, the pride that I am talking about is related to the consciousness of one's own excellence and dignity. Unless each and everyone of us learn how to swallow our pride and be open to opinions and suggestions of others, nothing good will ever happen in this earth. Since the time of Adam and Eve and up to now, we all learned and witnessed one way or another how a simple clinging to one's pride can do horrific consequences.

To end this senseless post, may I quote an old adage, PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL.

I rest my case... Back to the treadmill and burn more calories!


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