Friday, October 02, 2009

Email For IV Diamond Batch '83

Hello there my dear friends!

It's nice to hear from all of you again, yun nga lang not in a very good time because of the circumstances that happened recently to the Philippines. i join hands with all of in prayers... I know that praying is the most important thing that we could offer them, for now.

As our country suffer from a horrendous tragedy, our family here in Sydney is still weathering a great storm... my sister, Abel is still battling a very dreadful malignancy, she's not yet out of the woods. She is to undergo another course of chemo and Stem-cell transplant come November. I am also appealing to all of you to continue to offer prayers for her. I know there is strength in numbers, kapag marami tayong magdadasal, mas malakas at maugong ang dating nito sa KANYA. My sincerest gratitude in advance.

I hope GOD will bless the Philippines and each and everyone of us.

Regards to all!



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