Monday, June 15, 2009

Love Equals Hurt

We all fell in love at some point in our lives and for sure our feelings were hurt one way or the other sometimes by the ones we love or sometimes by the act of loving itself. Does love really equates to suffering? Do we really need to get hurt when we are in love? Is the pain and suffering really inevitable?

Love has so many definitions and meanings but based on all I've read and as far as my stock knowledge is concerned, there is no single article or book that defines love as something unpleasant, unlikable or distasteful. From all of my readings, love is described in a pleasant and good way.

I am thinking of explanations, reasons why we hurt the ones we love... Could it be that sometimes we are so frustrated with ourselves that we think we do not deserve anything good and by hurting the ones we love, we are hurting ourselves in effect? Could it be that we think of our love ones as good things and unconsciously try to destroy the good things in our lives so as to punish ourselves?

Or could it be that sometimes we tend to hate the ones we love because they know our weaknesses and we can't hide it from them? Could it be that the person we project to other people is being set aside and the things we hide surface?

Or could it be that the ones we love have the guts to be honest and tell us the truth? And we know that sometimes truth hurts and we tend to react intensely. Or could it be that sometimes we expect too much from them that when they fail to meet our expectations, we feel disappointed and thus we want them to regret.

Or could it be that sometimes the ones we love have attitudes, behaviors and characteristics that annoy us and we know we could never change them, sometimes we think of them as blessings but I am sure there are times we think of them as nuisances.

Or could it be that sometimes we are being misunderstood by them? Could it be that we want them to see things the way we see them because we think it is the right one? And if they don't we feel bad about it. Or could it be the other way around... we misunderstand them because we are not willing to comprehend, appreciate and recognise them at all.

Or could it be that we hurt them so as to comfort them in a later time? We feel that we have every right to hurt them because we love them and we will make up for it later.
Or could it be that we trust them so much that we feel they will not stop loving us no matter what we do? Could it be that we feel it is alright to take our frustrations on them and feel secure because we think there will be no consequences when we do that?

Honestly i really do not know the reason or reasons why we do hurt the ones we love. These are just my two cents worth. It could be right, it could be wrong. I could only think of things to justify it. What do you reckon?


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