Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Nanay

Cheers to my dearest Nanay whom I love so much! You deserve all the accolades that we can give, you are the best this earth can ever produce. It is my privilege to be one of your children. I am nothing without you and my siblings will not be here as well if it wasn't for you. In behalf of all of us, thank you very much!

Nanay, I will continue to take care of you up to the best of my capabilities. I know there are times I take you for granted, my apologies for that. Please forgive me when the time comes that I will be leaving you for good, I really do not know when. When that time comes, please do not think that I love you less, it's just that I love somebody more and I have to be with her. I will never ever get you out of my mind, I'll do that.

I always pray for your health. May He lighten up your burden and physical difficulties. May He give you more years for you to see another grandchild. I love you very much my dearest Nanay. May God bless you. Happy Mother's Day.

Mabuhay ka, Nanay!


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