Friday, March 13, 2009

Life Is A Big Wait

Come to think of it, life is a long bloody wait...

Waiting for your alarm clock to go off to wake you up at 5am.
Waiting for the microwave oven to turn off so you can get your mum's food and feed her.
Waiting for the hot water to come out of the shower head.
Waiting for the 6am news by Renee Smith at 106.5 FM.
Waiting for the traffic to clear up so you can cross the Old Northern Road.
Waiting for the green light at North Rocks Road.
Waiting for parking space at Crow's Nest.
Waiting for quarter to 7 so you can start walking towards the Mater.
Waiting for the kettle to boil so you can have coffee and take your medications before you start working.
Waiting for 7am so you can commence work.
Waiting for the lift to open so you can go to Level 1.
Waiting for the patient to finish his brekkie so you can collect blood.
Waiting for 9am so you can have morning tea.
Waiting for calls so you can go up to the wards again to collect blood.
Waiting for 11 am so you can do your second morning rounds.
Waiting for lunch time so you can have lunch with your housekeeping staff friends.
Waiting for 3pm so you can fetch your niece at Kirribilli.
Waiting for dinner time.
Waiting for your mum's diaper to get soaked so you can change it before you sleep.
Waiting for 8pm so you can feed your mother and give your father's meds.
Waiting for you to become sleepy so you can rest and have some sleep.
Waiting for your 5am alarm to start all over again!

Damn that's a lot of wait! Boring isn't it? Ho Hummm!


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