Sunday, March 08, 2009

Inner Fear

"Let's go home, it's getting late" Aries told his elder brother Red. "We'll wait for her again here same time tomorrow," he quickly continued. Red just nodded and began to grab his walking stick as he prepares to stand up and head for home. Holding his brother's arm on the left and tapping his cane on the footpath, they started their slow walk towards home. They have been waiting at the Chelsea bus stop daily every 4pm until late and been doing that for almost 4 years now.

Redden Comia is Chelsea's well known General Practitioner. He is well respected and loved by all his patients and the whole community as well. He is your perfect "boy next door" type of gentleman, well mannered, polite and God fearing.

In one of the medical seminars he religiously attend, he met Shirley, a paramedic who at that time was attending the post-graduate course. Shirley Marasigan is from West Liverpool, a suburb not far away from Chelsea. He knew first thing he laid eyes on her that she is the "one." Red and Shirley became an instant hit, they were compatible in many ways. Regularly they see each other, Red would drive for hours to West Liverpool to be with her and Shirley on the other hand takes the bus to visit his man. Every time Shirley travels to Chelsea, Red always would be there at the bus stop patiently waiting for bus 620 from West Liverpool.

One fine day of September, Dr. Comia while on his way to West Liverpool figured in a 6-car motorway accident. The crash was so serious, it nearly ended the good doctor's life. Hundreds of shattered windshield glass exploded on Red's face some of which found their way to his eyes, piercing through both his retinas. Red became blind.

What was once a perfect life completely turned around. Red cannot practise his profession anymore, his medical clinic, which at some point was so busy with patients, is now padlocked and up for sale. He became a very sad man. Bus trips from West Liverpool were still running on a regular basis but the driver of the 620 bus now misses his favorite regular passenger from West Liverpool. Shirley's trips to Chelsea became less frequent until one day it ceased. Yes, she stopped seeing Red for reasons only she could explain.

Red still waits patiently at the bus stop, and with his brother, Aries' help they do that everyday. He is still hoping that one day, bus 620's favorite passenger would alight. He still believes that one day she will come visit him, to be with him, keep her promise.

Red felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Aries. "Wake up lazy bones!" "You are running late, your receptionist already called and the queue in your clinic is already long!" he exclaimed. He smiled and replied, "Yup, I'll be there in a sec, brother" He was so glad to woke up from a bad dream. A nightmare that possibly could be a reflection of his inner fears.


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