Monday, May 04, 2009

Updates On Abel

It's been nearly a week now since my sister, Abel was confined at Westmead Hospital. It's a struggle for her and for us, I can see and feel it in each and every one of us. But I can also see her trying her very best to fight back and win this ordeal. That alone is more than enough for us to hope for the best.

Tuesday last week, the 28th of April, bone marrow biopsy was done after which she was allowed to go home. She went back to the hospital on the 30th, Thursday, due to a scheduled appointment with Dr. Benson, her attending Hematologist-Oncologist. The good doctor confirmed the initial impression of the doctors in the States, Abel was indeed suffering from Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia. However Dr. Benson did not disclose the subtype, they were told that the type of AML that Abel has was not the most aggressive neither the least. Her's was in the middle of the "totem pole" so to speak. There were no abnormal chromosomes noted. Treatment plans were laid down and she was enrolled to a research study about the effect of a certain drug to Mucositis during chemotherapy. That same day, the Hickman's catheter was placed on her chest. Due to a low platelet count, blood oozed from the incision site so the doctors decided not to let her go home and she was admitted at the Women's Health Ward as there are still no vacant room in the Hema-Onco Ward.

Friday, she was transferred to C5, Hematology-Oncology Ward. She was experiencing some soreness on her throat but physical examination of her throat just showed congestion of the tonsillopharyngeal wall. She was in high spirits at the time and I can see that she was trying her best to make herself strong. We were all there but Jil wasn't allowed to go inside the ward so Abel went outside the waiting area to see Jil. We all prayed the rosary there.

Saturday was uneventful, Kuya Soty, Ate Chit, Dra. Zonit Roland, Dra. Bebs, Jessie, and Digs visited her. Nen sent flowers and fruits as well. Sunday morning, Abel experienced dizziness and weakness, her hemoglobin was down to the low 70's. She was unable to eat but still she tried her best to have a bite. Late in the afternoon packed red cells were transfused. It breaks my heart to see Abel talking to her one and only Jil. I can't help but wipe away my tears, such a very sad sight.

Today, I wasn't able to visit her because I have work until 8:30 p.m. but I gave her a ring earlier, she told me she felt better after the transfusion. Tomorrow will be the first day of the series of chemotherapy she will be undergoing. We are all hoping for the best and I am appealing to all of you to please include my sister, Abel, in your prayers. That's all she needs right now.

My sincerest appreciation to all of you. May GOD bless us all.


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