Sunday, May 10, 2009

Loony Tunes

I have a question for you... How would you react if somebody thinks you are crazy? What would you think if somebody doesn't want his or her loved ones near you because he or she thinks that you'll scare the hell out of them? Whoa! That's something isn't it?

Most would probably get infuriated. Others might just laugh out loud. Still a few would contest it and try to explain things. So many responses to a particular situation. Personally, I will prove to everybody that I am not. I know that the burden of proving that rests on me but I won't mind, I will do anything just to be have a clean bill of mental health. I will subject myself to any mental status examination by any "sane" psychiatrist, anytime, anywhere. I know myself more than anybody in this universe and I can challenge anyone who questions my sanity.

So in case somebody thinks you are a sicko and you honestly believe you are not, go with that person to a respectable mental doctor and let him check you. Who knows you might discover that the doctor examining you is the one who is crazy. It's hard to be branded as one, isn't it?

Makes me go crazy! HAHAHAHA


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