Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saving Graces

Based on the number of misses I had and the heaps of butterfly needles I used, I'd say that I had a rough and bad day, yesterday. Well, it all started the night before yesterday, I had another bout of high blood pressure and I felt weak and had a splitting headache the whole night until the next morning when I woke up. Poor patients, they had to suffer for my inefficiency. Good thing all my patients yesterday were kind and understanding otherwise I really will be in deep shit.

What saved the day for me was that I met and talked to 3 good Australians. Mrs. D, a 74 year old lady from Mosman mistook me for a South American. We had an extensive talk about how she analyses faces because she used to paint portraits. Unfortunately she was wrong when she scrutinized mine. I told her that I am always mistaken for being a South American and she told me that it is because of my nose, eyes and cheeks. I had fun chatting with her.

Two rooms from Mrs. D's is Mrs. DeV's. When I entered her room she was crying because she was in pain and was very frustrated with her present state. I immediately handed her a facial tissue paper and held her hand. I told her that everything will be alright and what she was experiencing was only temporary. We talked about a lot of things including my mother. She told me that I have sure a place in heaven because according to her I am a good man. Her words will never be forgotten.

Up on the Cardiology Ward, I did blood cultures for Mr. F. He was a very jolly 67 year old man. He loves motorbikes and big cars. He told me to enjoy life like him. He gave me 2 funny quotes and I want to share them with you. "Treat every stressful situation like a dog, if you can eat it or hump it, piss on it and walk away." "Edge is not the limit it is only the starting point." He was so hilarious!

People like these make the world go round. I wish them well and I hope to see them in a better situation. I hope their tribes increase. You made my day!


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