Monday, June 01, 2009

The War Still Remains

Tomorrow at 9am, Abel will be having her repeat BMA biopsy at Westmead. We are hoping and praying that the results will be alright. Aside from some episodes of insomnia, she is doing just great. Her latest full blood count showed a very promising result and her doctor was very happy about it. Presently she is asymptomatic and is in good state of health and I hope it will remain that way until she finishes 2 more consolidation chemotherapy cycles.

The second cycle of chemotherapy will be coming soon and will be dependent on the bone marrow biopsy result. Fingers crossed, the dosage will not be as high as the induction course. We will be eagerly waiting for the results of the biopsy. We are also looking forward to the day that our sister will be pronounced "cancer-free." We are all optimistic that she will eventually win this war against this horrific disease.

One battle won but the war still continues... We are all hanging on! Please continue to offer prayers for her and for all cancer patients around the globe. Ta!


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