Monday, July 27, 2009

Anyone Still Intersted?

It is already quarter past 12 midnight here, I still can't sleep, probably because the level of caffeine in my system is still at its peak. I was trying to bore myself to imbibe sleep so I thought of reading GMA's last State of the Nation Address. I haven't reached one fourth of the "mile long" speech prepared by God knows who and I got so annoyed I stopped reading it. I thought whingeing about it would be a better alternative.

From what I've read, she is commending herself for steering the country to calm waters, weathering the storm of the global economic crisis. Lauding oneself is not a good thing to do. It's plain and simple bu11$h!t! I reckon it's the Filipinos' resiliency that should be credited not her and her leadership. Please stop using Cory's name, which by the way she did at the beginning of the SONA, hoping to draw sympathy from the supporters of the original People Power's choice. The speech was boycotted by lawmakers, senators and congressmen alike, obviously fed up with lies and deceit. Most of all, majority of Filipinos probably did not care at all anymore.

The whole nation is already numb madame. Please get it over and done with and just leave. We already had enough. I guess you and all your henchmen are already full up to the brim. Please spare some for the poor Filipino nation. May God bless the Philippines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pagdasalan mo na lang kami who are stuck in RP and finding ways and means to get out. The little one will definitely try to extend her stay.

9:02 AM  

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