Sunday, July 05, 2009


I was shot in the chest twice, kicked on the face and left shivering in the cold dark night for dead. The scene was so horrible, I was gasping for air as if it was my last. Earlier, my wife and I were hearing Sunday mass. I don't know how but it seems that she was singing amongst the choir and at the same time besides me sitting on one of the front pews. She looked at her back and saw this person staring at us with dagger looks! She whispered to me that it was somebody in her past. I slowly turned my head towards the direction of the person to have a look. It seems that the person was trying to tell me to watch out.

The scene was changed, suddenly we are inside our bedroom getting ready to sleep. She was wearing my long-sleeved shirt and I was wearing my pajamas and white t-shirt. I remember how good looking she was in my shirt. The mood was so romantic and we were hugging and kissing when suddenly our door bell rang. I got up, went outside the room and got to the door. When I opened it, the person I saw in the church was standing on our porch with a gun aimed directly at me. I greeted "good evening, what can I do for you." Without uttering a word, the person fired the gun hitting me on the chest and as I was slumped on the floor bleeding, I felt a kick on my face. I was shivering and gasping for breath. The night was so cold or maybe it is hypovolaemia setting in on me.

I suddenly woke up, I was freezing! I didn't have any blanket on, I remember I gave mine to my mother who was sleeping besides me. I do not know how Sigmund Freud will interpret this but it was one helluvah nightmare. Scary it may seem but I am ready for anything that can happen. If this is the price I have to pay, bring it on!


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