Sunday, November 08, 2009

What Do You Do At Sunset?

As the sun sets in the west, how many of us reflect on the day which is about to be covered by the dusking skies? Most if not all of us will just chalk it up as another day gone by, another finished page about to be turned over. Many come home to be with their families and to have a well deserved rest. Some continue to enjoy life through the night not mindful of the next day's challenges and debacles. A minority will be just starting their day, perennially working the grave yard shifts.

What really is behind the sunset? Aside from the fading of the daylight in the skies, I believe that there is more to sunset other than the disappearance of the sun. I reckon sunset is a very lovely way used by God to remind us all of the limited period of time we have on this earth. He wants us to remember the state of us all being subjected to death and that we are all mortals after all. For me, sunset connotes a period of decline in our life, physically, emotionally and mentally as well. Sunset reminds me of the inevitable end. Sunset is a time to be thankful to Him for the many blessings received during the day. A time to be conscious of all the things said and done. A time of reflection, serious thinking and consideration. A time to patch up all differences, disagreements and disputes. A time to look back, remember, cherish good experiences, forget and learn from bad ones. A time to pray and give praises to Him.

What do you really do during sunsets? The next time you see one, please be thankful to God for His goodness to you and to all of mankind. Be reminded of the borrowed time we have and that we have to use it wisely and meaningfully. Be mindful of all the people around us especially the ones we love and cherish. Be reminded to say I LOVE YOU.


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