Friday, January 01, 2010

Foresight 2010

I am pretty sure many will be blogging or had blogged already about how 2009 came to be. Most, if not all, will be thinking back in retrospect and heaps will be fascinated on how the previous year went by in a jiffy. Accolades will be given, kudos, written and tributes will be expressed. Still, some will be writing down their new year's resolution list (which I suitably call a list of "would be broken promises") and will be trying hard to do it. I commit myself to write about what I reckon this new year will be for me. I know it doesn't concern you at all but what the heck, I might as well rant.

Frankly I have so much expectations for '10. I seriously believe this is going to be my year and I am hoping that this "Tiger" will be good for me for 365 days! 10 is a good number to start, though a little late, it's way much better than never. I see myself starting a whole new chapter of my life this year, scary and unpredictable as it may seem, I am up and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. I am expecting to start a little family of my own, apart and away from the family who brought me up to this world. All I want to do is pack my bags, go to that unchartered place and forever live a life of love, peace, harmony and contentment.

I am also looking forward that this year will be good and kind to my sister, Abel. I am praying that she will soon triumph and emerge victorious in her battle against this dreadful cancer that took the happiness in her and our family. I am optimistic that with God's will, she will have a complete and total remission and will be free of this malignancy for good.

I am longing for a better and more comfortable life for my Nanay and Tatay, who of all people in this earth, deserve all the abundance, luxury, enjoyment, happiness and gratification that life can give. I am sure they will continue to live long, stay healthy and continue to be our source of strength and joy. I anticipate a superb year for all my siblings and their families. I look forward to see my nephews and niece grow another year wiser and smarter. I am hoping that all of them will be showered with good health and more wealth.

Lastly it is still my desire to see a better Philippines. I know it is close to impossible but I still wish the best for my homeland. May the least of the evils prevail in the elections. I also hope the whole world will recover from the difficult economic downfall it is experiencing at the moment.

Happy new year to you.


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