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So much for the Yuletide break, it's now business as usual. People are now back to work, businesses open, children return to schools. In the Philippines, election fever is in the air. A few more months and the reign of the worst administration in Philippine history will be over. Filipinos have endured so much... Time to change the leadership and replace the evil one at helm.

Many candidates are vying for the highest seat of the land. Some are qualified, some never really come close to even a mere resemblance of being a barangay chairman, still there are some who seem to come from looney bins straight to the elections commission filing their candidacies. What a pity... tsk tsk tsk.. When will our country get what it deserves? Frankly if I were in the Philippines, I will be thinking more than 10x whether I will cast my vote or not. In my opinion, among all the aspirants for presidency, nobody has the integrity to say, "I am the one."

Honesty, indeed, is such a lonely word... everyone is so untrue! I bet you can still recall those famous lines from Billy Joel's old song. That phrase is so accurate, I can vouch for that! I reckon almost all of mankind have something hidden in themselves, something that can tarnish their sense of moral uprightness, honesty and integrity. I am now beginning to wonder... is there really a person of integrity living in this world today? It seems that almost everybody is doing or had done something under somebody's noses.

My hat's off to the chosen few who in one way or another uphold their sense of loyalty, honesty and integrity. I know that only a handful roam the earth nowadays. I seriously wish that people will still change and come to realise that it is worth living honestly.

May the good Lord forgive the dishonest ones.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honesty and integrity is my first criteria to remove unworthy candidates. So for presidency, that automatically removes villar, teodoro, gordon, erap. That leaves noynoy, brother eddie, jc de los reyes, nicky perlas and jamby.

Next criteria would be what did they do and what have they done during these present dark days of the evil Arroyo administration. Were they quiet to the administration's excesses or were they at the forefront of fighting it? So that removes de los reyes and perlas who have not done anything to fight gloria. So the choices narrow down to three, noynoy, brother eddie and jamby. Still have a lot of time to decide who to vote for prez in the next few months.

For vice, nobody passes the first criteria of integrity or honesty. Going to the second criteria, what have they done in these dark days? We remove loren, mar, bayani, yasay, edu as they all were or currently are either collaborators or co-thieves. Some of them conveniently became anti-gloria when the opportunity came like loren and mar. So I guess it will be a reluctant vote for binay then for me. At least this guy has been consistent in the fight ever since and despite failing also the first criteria, he can show some stuff he did in Makati. So a very reluctant vote for him for vp.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...


I know you will not believe me but, last presidential elections, I voted for Bro. Eddie, I knew back then that he will lose anyway but I honestly believe that he is the lesser of all "evils."

thanks for your views!

mabuhay ka!

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doc Abner, pareho tayo. I also voted for him last time. I may just end up voting for him this time. We will keep on praying to make the right decision. Jamby seems to be not serious in running so it would seem to be a choice between Noynoy and Bro. Eddie. The rest are all corrupt.

10:51 AM  

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