Thursday, January 28, 2010

Secrets... Shoosh!

Alright, maybe they're not...

I am a frustrated surgeon, turned paediatrician, turned full time phlebotomist!

I used to sing Beatles' songs before I fell in love with jazz (not "just" music) and R&B :)

I've been driving since I was 16 but it took me 42 years to finally buy my own "used" car!

I am a tech savvy but ever since I started earning on my own, became stingy and mingy.

I really despised the late Cardinal Sin because he mixed church and politics! (i hate the guy!)

I was a Thomasian Class 1991 but graduated a Fatimanian (is there such a word???)!

I once weighed close to 90 kgs before I realised enough is enough, now I am down to 74 ;).

I always take 3 pills for breakfast but sometimes I do abstain!

I wanted to insure my hands for a million bucks but I think they are worth more than that! ;)

I once tried break dancing and ended up with busted lips!

I just do not have a real talent! I think I am a master of none and it's true! :(

I think I am worst at public speaking and I always do not have something remarkable to talk about.

I can write, apparently, and at least I think I am a decent writer.

I need someone who believes in me and can give directions and focus in life (I'm happy, I finally met her) :)

I have a hard time eating fish but sometimes it is just selective. (Iove bangus!)

I was once a member of the "Youth for Democracy Movement" who campaigned for Marcos and Tolentino.

I was a regular Red Cross blood donor and signed up as an organ donor as well.

I am really glad I still have this blog where I can write what I can't say!

Enough secrets for now!!!


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