Friday, February 26, 2010


I definitely had a crazy week. Whew! I'm sure am glad it's over. I don't want to look back... really there is no use crying over a dead horse! I sure did make up a sweat for every cent I earned today! It's a good thing I already primed myself that this will be a helluvah day at the Mater and it was indeed another frantic day, so busy! The good thing is, it made my shift fast, t'was over before I knew it, not a single dull moment for me today.

Well what more can I say? I really should not be complaining about the busyness of work. I mean, we come to our workplace to do our job and toil while being paid. Our company and our bosses expect that from us so we ought to do our crafts and stop making friends! We should just do what is expected from us and just cut the crap and stop the bull!

I am so tired and wasted. I just want to drop dead and wake up after a week. But alas! I can't sleep, I think I had caffeine overdose, I had too much java that my precious hands are shaking and my brain won't bloody stop functioning. Might as well put this in good use and write. Another sleepless night, I suppose. Too bad our chat room is empty. I think I am in for a fluky night! Dang! What good can I do tonight??? Maybe I should start counting sheep as early as now. It will take a while to reach seven hundred fourty eight thousand nine hundred and thirty two.

I just got to keep on saying... "Heaven on the horizon!" "Good stuff coming!" Thank you it's Friday!


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Here's a call for entries to TBR v.2 which I am hosting soon!
Hope you can send an entry!

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