Sunday, May 25, 2008

Picky Eaters

There are times we have to scold our nephews and niece because of their bizarre eating habits. Each and everyone of them have their own rituals so to speak during mealtime. We do not have a problem with Migo, the eldest among my 4 nephews and niece. He eats almost everything that is served at the the table if he is in the mood, otherwise, problem! Eki, the second among the 3 boys has certain peculiarities. He only eats "sitaw" but prefers fish as viand. He is also fond of soy sauce. He usually stands up and leave the table even if he is not yet finished. You have to call him again and scold him before he finishes his meal. Wey, 5 years old, the youngest, is the most picky eater among the 3 boys. He prefers "Spam" most of the time and his mum has to spoon feed him, otherwise he will not eat. Jil my one and only niece also has preferences for food but being afraid of her mum makes her manageable at the table.

I wonder where they all got their trait of being a picky eater... Hmmm.... Probably from Oki (my pet name)! :-)

Honestly I grew up being a picky eater as well. My father who was an excellent cook, used to prepare a different dish just for me especially when our viand is fish. I do not eat fish, except for fried bangus (milkfish). The reason I always give whenever I was asked why I do not eat fish is that it is forbidden in our religion to eat fish (hehehe)! I don't know... I just don't like the taste and the smell! Once I was forced by my ex to taste fried "tilapia," I ended up in their bathroom throwing up. I just couldn't swallow it.

I am also fond of cooking. During my first 8 months here in Sydney, I do most of the cooking at our home because I have no job during those times. Pasta is my favorite recipe and obviously my favorite food. I can cook various filipino dishes, "adobo," "kare-kare," "kaldereta" and "sinigang" to name a few. It gives me a sense of fulfillment every time my family liked what I cooked. It makes me want to cook more. Cooking also relieves the stress of daily life. Our kitchen has become my "office" here in Sydney and I am happy to cook for my family.

So every time we eat with the kids, I leave the scolding for my other sister to do. I know what those kids feel and I don't want them to throw the question of "why they do not like the food" or "why they are not eating this or that" back to my face. I know that up to now I am still a picky eater and will grow old as such.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family First!

Our topic for this week's blog rounds is very relevant and interesting. our host, Joey M.D. picked a subject matter that really caught my attention. I really wanted to write my piece about my family and I think this post is long overdue. By family, I mean my original family where I originated. At 40 years of age I do not reckon I will still have a family of my own (but I am still praying for a miracle as I really wanted to marry, have children and God willing, live to see my grandchildren) and my original family is the only family I've got.

If there's one thing I can boast of, it's the strong family bond that we, the Hornedos have. We've been through thick and thin, through ups and downs, through hell and high water, through the toughest of times and I am proud to say, we are still here together, all 5 of us siblings and our parents. With all my in-laws, nephews and niece, we constitute one happy clan. I am glad I was able to migrate here as I was the only one left in the Philippines and honestly, the years I spent alone and away from them were the loneliest times of my life. I couldn't imagine how sad I was during those times I was away from my family. I guess all of our OFWs felt the same and I tell you it was like living hell.

One of the things that makes us, Filipinos unique, is the very strong family ties that bind us together. Our families are so closely knitted that only in our country can you see 3 sometimes 4 generations living under one roof. I must admit we are one of a kind especially when it comes to caring for our elders. As much as possible we do not place our elders in nursing homes unlike down here in Australia where retirement villages are in abundance. Pensioners and retirees often are placed in nursing homes to be cared for by others.

My becoming a doctor is actually a personal choice. Nobody in my family influenced me to become one as nobody among them is a doctor or worked in a health related profession. They were very supportive in my chosen career as a physician. My parents and siblings as well were all very proud of me, especially when I passed the Physician Licensure Examination... I will not forget those days! I can still remember how protective my mother was during my training years; clerkship, internship and early part of my residency, she will not allow anybody to disturb my sleep especially when I am "from duty," and yes, not even my girlfriend.

My being single up to now is a long story, but it is definitely not related to my being a doctor. Probably the biggest decision I ever made was leaving my meager private practice and my being a doctor in the Philippines to be with my family, especially be with my mum here in Australia and I have NO REGRETS with that decision whatsoever.

Honestly, my parents are my priorities at the moment. They are my family and I am happy and contented being with them. I am also glad I live near my brother and sisters' houses, we get to see each other every Fridays (beer day!) and Saturdays and Sundays. I know this set-up will not last forever, I know that sooner or later things will change and so with my priorities but for now I'll savor the moments.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Explain This

photo from

In the light of a new evidence showing the president and her husband in Shenzhen, China playing golf and after the game had lunch with ZTE officials to discuss the NBN project, Gloria Arroyo is being asked to explain the picture and the allegations.

Come to think of it, maybe they were there just to play golf........ Nah, that's bu11$#!t! I don't think so.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Offering A Moment Of Silence And Prayers

Please let us offer a moment of silence and pray for all the victims of the strong earthquake in China and the powerful typhoon that wrecked havoc in Myanmar. Two big calamities in nearly two weeks time, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people, makes me think that we are being reminded that GOD should be in the center of our lives. Many must be forgetting HIM and taking HIM for granted, which should not be the case. We should also praise and thank HIM that we are all safe with our families and we are not the ones suffering physically or emotionally at this very moment.

Remember that when we are gathered together in prayer, GOD is in the midst among us listening to all our wishes and petitions.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cheers To You!

People tend to forget unpleasant memories, we only keep the good ones. We reminisce the enjoyable past events and as much as possible do not think of the awful ones. How can someone forget a great guru which molded you the way you are now? And how can anyone joyfully remember a person which made your life a living hell?

Many doctors became inspirations for me. Ever since I started medical school, I admired many (but not all) of my professors and teachers. I used to day dream that someday I'll reach the status they are in at that time. During my short stint as Surgical Resident and as a Pediatric Resident, I learned to love and admire two great people. Both of them are good teachers and both of them equally competent practitioners as well.

Dr. Ray Malilay was the Surgical Department's chairman of the Mary Chiles General Hospital when I was a Surgical Resident back in 1995. He was very strict when it comes to surgical techniques and decision making. Dr. Malilay played a major part in honing my surgical skills. I will always remember my first Herniorrhaphy, he was my first assist then. I had a hard time because my knuckles got sore from the army/navy retractor which he used to hit my hand whenever I did a wrong move.

Dr. Manuel Ferreria is like a father to all of the Pediatric Residents who had training at the Delos Santos Medical Center. In fact he is godfather to all Pedia Residents who got married. He is like a walking encyclopedia, would you believe he knows even the sodium and potassium content of a Gatorade drink! He always had questions during our morning endorsement rounds be it silly or serious. I learned a lot from him.

These are two of my best teachers. I owe them a lot because I will not be in this position if not for their guidance and support. I salute both of them for a job well done because I know deep in my heart that I became the doctor they wanted me to be.

Mabuhay po kayo Dr. Malilay at Dr. Ferreria!

The Story Of Nan Cheng

Violence begets violence. We always hear or read this phrase. Violence will never bring into existence peace and that is a fact. If you live your life with guns, gold and goons all your life, chances are your death will be related to guns, goons and gold as well. If you take away innocent lives just because they are not on your side, then, sooner or later your life will be taken away from you too, just like the way you do it.

The violent death of Nan Cheng was well deserved. He was gunned down while having a drinking spree with mates. Nobody knew who the killer was. Nan lived his life with a gun tucked on his waist, literally speaking. He was a "toughie" in his place, hitting almost anyone whom he doesn't like. Nan was a bully and he always see to it that he gets what he wants and what he needs. He was a drunkard and a heavy gambler. He was so evil, mean and abusive of his powers during his days. I cannot think of a good adjective to describe him.

Now that he is dead, I'm sure his family is in grief but I'm pretty sure that a majority is in jubilation knowing that the old bully is gone forever. No more pistol whipping, no more indiscriminate firing of guns during drinking sprees, no more unexplained disappearances and deaths, no more cheating in gambling places, no more drugs.

I told you my mother will outlive you... you sanabagan!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My First Day Off

Last week I asked my area manager, Jenny, to just roster me in three '8 hour' working days instead of the usual five '5 hour' shifts per week she was giving me. I told her that I will be starting to study for the AMC exams which I will sit come July. In a way I will also be saving money from the transportation fare while staying at home. She was very understanding and accommodating, hence this new 3 day per week work.

I am savoring this day of rest, after 3 months of continuous work... finally a taste of a day off the job. I'll just arrange my books and review materials and I will be studying again. If my brain will permit...

I hope I still have enough neurons left for me to pass this exam. The thought of studying during the majority of my life, makes me feel lazy. I reckon I had enough, don't you think?

Maybe I'm just too old for this.

Wish me luck...

Friday, May 02, 2008

Watch Out Satan

Watch out prince of darkness, your reign in hell is almost over, enter the worst devil that ever walk on the face of the earth, Josef Fritzl! Damn, this animal is more evil than Lucifer himself! This devil incestuously raped his own daughter and locked her for almost two decades in a windowless basement. His hellish actions resulted in 7 children, one of whom died during infancy.

Unbelievable but true! Words cannot describe how evil this creature is! He is not even worthy to be called a human being. Even death by torture is not enough to punish this devil. Burn in hell Fritzl.