Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wishful Thinking

Its been 22 days since my interview at Auburn Hospital and I haven't heard anything from them. I was applying for a Paediatric Senior Medical Resident Officer position there. Unfortunately only 1 position is available for next year and I reckon they interviewed more than 10 applicants, me included.

I wasn't very confident that I will make it but not until I receive the rejection letter from them I will continue my wishful thinking.

Almost all of the jobs (even entry level jobs) that I am applying for resulted in outright rejection. Hell, I was not even shortlisted for an interview. Imagine a medical degree being rejected for a laboratory assistant job! I might be smarter than the person rejecting me for all we know. I might sound like I am sour graping here but I am thinking does the color of my skin or the sound of my name or the way I write my cover letter has anything to do with these tons of rejections... I wonder...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Senseless Death

How many more lives must be wasted? How many more mothers and fathers will weep? How many more families will be emptied? How many more will loss a friend? It seems that senseless death related to fraternity hazings will be here to stay... Paulit ulit lang, iba iba lang ang nagiging biktima...

The latest murder of another would be college graduate, Cris Mendez, of the University of the Philippines is in the news a few weeks back. Another young life wasted, wasted by his would be "brothers." What kind of brothers kill would be brothers? Hell, even animals do not do that.

Made me remember what my father advised me before I went to college, DO NOT JOIN ANY FRATERNITIES. I guess my father made sense, I'm glad I obeyed him. I'm still alive!

My advise to would be parents and parents of young kids, PLEASE do not allow your children to join fraternities! The next life wasted may be your child's. To hell with fraternity hazing!

I attached a "video tribute" for him. I hope he did not die in vain. JUSTICE!

Monday, September 17, 2007


I know someone very close to me who is a clutterer (i hope not an OCHD). Here is a quiz I found while surfing for answers to this bizarre behavior.

Quiz: Are you at risk for clutter mentality?

Because one of my hobbies is helping my friends clear out their clutter, I’ve noticed that there are several very distinct kinds of clutter.

By identifying your particular brand of clutter, you gain insight on how to cure it. If one of these statements sounds like something you'd say, you've diagnosed yourself.

1. “This is perfectly useful, I can’t just throw it away.”
It’s good to have useful things around the house, but you don’t need them in massive quantities. I have a friend who has an entire kitchen drawer filled with the little ketchup packets that come with take-out food. If you can’t bear to throw useful things away, look for ways to give them to people who need them. I had a shelf packed with those glass vases that come with flower arrangements – too nice to toss but too many to use – so I gave them all to the flower shop on the corner of my street.

2. “One day, this might come in handy.”
True. But there’s a cost to having empty shoe boxes, glass jam jars, flattened packing boxes, and half-filled cans of paints piled around your house. Ask yourself: how much would it cost to buy this item, if I needed it? Do I need to keep more than one of this item? How often does something like this come into the house?

3. “I bought this doodad to help me get organized.”

Ironically, I’ve noticed,folks with the worst clutter problems often react to their clutter by buying more stuff: racks, fancy hangers, the device that sucks the air out of plastic bags that hold clothes. Beware! You should always attack a clutter problem first by GETTING RID of stuff rather than by trying to ORGANIZE stuff.

4. “This is a precious memory.”
College t-shirts. Baby outfits. Your father’s old desk. We all keep items out of pure sentiment, and that’s okay – to a point. Ask yourself whether one finger-painted blob masterpiece from your son’s nursery school years is enough, instead of two huge boxes full. If you need a memory prompt, consider taking a picture of an item. Store such items so they’re out of the way, rather than keeping them in active closets or drawers.

5. “I’m saving this for my children/grandchildren/when I get another dog/when I lose weight.”
Be wary of saving things to be used in the hazy future. Some things are absolutely worth keeping, but they’re exceptions. Do you really think your now-seven-year-old daughter will one day want to wear your pantsuit from 1990? Is that junky, dusty plastic toy going to appeal to your as-yet-unborn grandchildren? If you got a new dog, you’d probably want a fresh dog bed, and if you lost a bunch of weight, you’d probably decide to buy a new pair of jeans.

I’ve discovered that clearing clutter is one of the easiest and productive ways to give yourself a quick mood boost. If you can’t face a closet, tackle a drawer. If you can’t face a drawer, clean out the fridge. Try it.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Settling Down

Its almost a week since Abel and Jorge moved in to their new house and since then everything is slowly coming to be in order. Me and my mother are sleeping over here since last Saturday, someone has to be here since many are still coming during daytime to fix the house... the carpet people, the plumber, the waterproofing guy, the rain water tank man, etc.

Time flies fast, I didn't realise it's already Friday, another week added to my life. But I have no regrets... caring for my mother is always worthwhile. Its fun to be with her watching her favorite show "Judge Judy."

Annie is in the States right now, I don't know the exact details of her "tour" in the west coast. I just hope and pray that she'll be OK there. Knowing Annie that well, I know she'll be just fine. I miss her.

Spring is here and the weather is just gorgeous. The sun is shining brightly and the temperature is just on the 20's. Perfect! I just hope it rains on areas stricken by drought to prevent "crop failure." Otherwise prices of basic goods will sure sky rocket.

So much for today's ramblings, I do not think I am making sense here.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Im Back

Im so sorry I haven't blogged for sometime, must be our broadband having problems. I cannot log in to blogger. The past two weeks was stressing, I was thinking if I will pass my driving test. Luckily with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I was able to do it. Now I have a New South Wales driver licence.

Tomorrow I will go to Auburn Hospital for an interview. I hope that they will accept me there. I will post the result of my interview soon. Meanwhile, include me in your prayers and intentions.

Good to be back!