Friday, October 27, 2006

BMW Series 3

Yesterday morning as I was having my morning dose of caffeine, I decided to take pictures of one of my favorite cars... here it goes...

sneak peek

from above the roof

welcome aboard

a big cup

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random Pictures

Saturday, October 21, 2006

7th Bulacan Doctors Badminton Tournament

We just concluded the 7th edition of the Bulacan Doctors Badminton Tournament. It is a biennial meet among badminton playing doctors of Bulacan. I missed the 4th, 5th and the 6th when I was in Sydney. The level of play is much higher now. Many new faces were also present. I played on men's doubles level A, we only managed a 3 win, 2 loss card, I do not know if we got a place for that. I immediately left the court after my last game as I have to attend to important matters.

Annie texted me again, as if there is really a connection between our brainwaves. I was about to text her to whine about my poor game and to my surprise my celphone received a message from her. She was asking the telephone number of our ex-pediatric department chairman.

I'm dead tired right now. I just couldn't sleep because it is still early. My elbow is hurting again!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shirly Is Back

Its a good thing that Shirly, our trusted household help, is back. Our house is clean and tidy now. Now I can sip coffee every morning when I wake up. I will not wash and iron my clothes again. I have someone to talk to when I am alone.

What a relief!

Thanks for coming back Shirly Wirly!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our Church Infiltrated By Devils

I always wanted to write about this a long time ago. I just didn't have the right chance for it. This morning as I was hearing mass, I couldn't help but notice everything that is happening around me. It reminded me of this long overdue blog.

Only in the Philippines can you see church goers, attending mass JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT! Many, if not all are physically present inside the church but emotionally, spiritually are not. I never saw such blasphemous acts before, only Filipinos are capable of doing.

Only in the Philippines can you see old women PRAYING THE ROSARY DURING the Mass! Isn't it that the Holy Mass is the highest form of worship? Why the need to recite the rosary during the Mass???

Only in the Philippines can you see some people EATING POPCORN WITH THEIR FEETS RAISED ON THE PEWS while the priest is giving a sermon! As if they are watching a movie!

Only in the Philippines can you see some people SENDING OR READING TEXT MESSAGES while the mass is going on! Are their messages really that important???

Only in the Philippines can you hear LOUD RINGTONES AND MESSAGE ALERT TONES coming from mobile phones while inside the church!

Only in the Philippines can you see some church goers GOSSIPING, HECKLING, LAUGHING while inside the church not mindful of the others who are praying pervently!

Only in the Philippines can you see some youths ATTENDING MASS IN THEIR "PUNK" (complete with dangling chains and spiked hairstyles!) or "HIP-HOP" ATTIRES only to scout for girls! They feel they are good looking in those stupid get ups! As if they look like Dingdong Dantes or Aga Mulach when they see girls.


Only in the Philippines can you see many churchgoers STANDING NEAR THE CHURCH'S EXIT even if there are many vacant seats! Are the exits really the best place inside the church???

Only in the Philippines can you see CHILDREN RUNNING, PLAYING SHOUTING while inside the church, their PARENTS NOT MINDING THEM AT ALL! Is the church becoming a playground now???

Only in the Philippines can you see PUSHING AND SHOVING DURING COMMUNION! As if there is a mad dash to the finish line.

Only in the Philippines can you see PEOPLE LEAVING THE CHURCH just as the communion is starting! Only a few are left to sing the closing hymn.

Only in the Philippines can you see some after receiving the Holy Communion, PLACE THE HOLY EUCHARIST INSIDE THEIR WALLETS! They will use it as "lucky charm" for their favorite past time, cockfighting! (THIS IS THE WORST!!!! Beat that Satan!!!!)

These are but some of the proofs that indeed, the devil can come inside the House of God and to think these are things I see in our church alone. I wonder if there are also many demons in other churches???

Wake up Juan dela Cruz! YOur assess are already burning in hell!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Busy With My New Toy

My Nokia 9300i

Open Sesame

My apologies for not writing this past few days, I have a user's guide booklet to finish reading. I am busy with my new toy... a nokia 9300i, I think I am going to love this toy.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nothing Much To Blog

Its been a while since I last posted here in my blog. There nothing much to say. No new things happening in my life. Two nights ago, at around 2:30 in the morning, I received a call from Annie's dad. It was just a short ring and I wasn't able to answer the call. I was waiting for him to call again but he didn't. I guess he just accidentally pressed his celphone's keypads. One thing just puzzled me, why at 2:30 in the morning? If it was Annie, why in the world will she use her dad's celphone to call me? And at 2:30 am at that...


Friday, October 06, 2006

My Present Stressor

Its been three weeks since Shirly, our trusted household help, went home to her province in Antique. She was forced to go home because of a person named Adelfa. Adelfa is another household help serving for my brother-in-law's sister. Apparently she felt that Adelfa was being unfair to her because she is the only one doing the chores while this sinister villain is just texting all day long. Adelfa is not helping her at all.

Adelfa is the kind of person who will work only if her masters (my brother-in-law and his sister)are present. She has "AIDS" (short for As If Doing Something) everytime her employer is looking at her. The mere sight of her makes my blood boil! My sister's house is already a mess! Three weeks had pass and our house did not receive any kind of cleaning!

Im surprised that there are still living creatures like her! She is one LAZY bitch! Pardon me for my language but I just couldn't help it. Just the thought of her makes my blood pressure to sky rocket!

Please help me in this dilemma. I want to live longer....