Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our Church Infiltrated By Devils

I always wanted to write about this a long time ago. I just didn't have the right chance for it. This morning as I was hearing mass, I couldn't help but notice everything that is happening around me. It reminded me of this long overdue blog.

Only in the Philippines can you see church goers, attending mass JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT! Many, if not all are physically present inside the church but emotionally, spiritually are not. I never saw such blasphemous acts before, only Filipinos are capable of doing.

Only in the Philippines can you see old women PRAYING THE ROSARY DURING the Mass! Isn't it that the Holy Mass is the highest form of worship? Why the need to recite the rosary during the Mass???

Only in the Philippines can you see some people EATING POPCORN WITH THEIR FEETS RAISED ON THE PEWS while the priest is giving a sermon! As if they are watching a movie!

Only in the Philippines can you see some people SENDING OR READING TEXT MESSAGES while the mass is going on! Are their messages really that important???

Only in the Philippines can you hear LOUD RINGTONES AND MESSAGE ALERT TONES coming from mobile phones while inside the church!

Only in the Philippines can you see some church goers GOSSIPING, HECKLING, LAUGHING while inside the church not mindful of the others who are praying pervently!

Only in the Philippines can you see some youths ATTENDING MASS IN THEIR "PUNK" (complete with dangling chains and spiked hairstyles!) or "HIP-HOP" ATTIRES only to scout for girls! They feel they are good looking in those stupid get ups! As if they look like Dingdong Dantes or Aga Mulach when they see girls.


Only in the Philippines can you see many churchgoers STANDING NEAR THE CHURCH'S EXIT even if there are many vacant seats! Are the exits really the best place inside the church???

Only in the Philippines can you see CHILDREN RUNNING, PLAYING SHOUTING while inside the church, their PARENTS NOT MINDING THEM AT ALL! Is the church becoming a playground now???

Only in the Philippines can you see PUSHING AND SHOVING DURING COMMUNION! As if there is a mad dash to the finish line.

Only in the Philippines can you see PEOPLE LEAVING THE CHURCH just as the communion is starting! Only a few are left to sing the closing hymn.

Only in the Philippines can you see some after receiving the Holy Communion, PLACE THE HOLY EUCHARIST INSIDE THEIR WALLETS! They will use it as "lucky charm" for their favorite past time, cockfighting! (THIS IS THE WORST!!!! Beat that Satan!!!!)

These are but some of the proofs that indeed, the devil can come inside the House of God and to think these are things I see in our church alone. I wonder if there are also many demons in other churches???

Wake up Juan dela Cruz! YOur assess are already burning in hell!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oo nga eh. Malungkot talaga dito sa atin. Ang practice ng Catholicism dito, puro rituals lamang. Walang unity of life. Kaya most of us are truly fake Catholics. Very sad indeed.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...

You said it right.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That explains why our country is in a rut. Di umaasenso. We, Filipinos, do not believe that there is any cause worth dying for.
Sa ibang countries, people will die for the faith or belief, whether it be religious or political or whatever.
Sa atin, pera pera lang.

1) Catholicism-We do not have our own Filipino saints. Yung two saints natin and the one upcoming are all Chinese Filipinos. Yet we have been Catholics for nearly 500 years.
2) Islam-According to Maria Ressa, formerly of CNN, JI and Al Qaeda are so pissed off with our local Muslims. Unlike in other countries, walang gustong mag-suicide bombing sa mga muslims dito(I guess blessing for us in this case yung kanilang lack of passion).
3) Protestantism-experience ng mga kaibigan ko, local Jehovah's witness patients will readily give up their faith to save themselves and their family by readily accepting blood transfusion. (So much unlike their foreign counterparts).
4) Communism-communists in other countries pass through severe hardships to achieve their victory. Our local leaders are enjoying themselves in other countries, like the Netherlands, and in the Philippines.
5) Patriotism/Nationalism--The military in many third world countries intervene in their countries when they see it in decline or threatened--just like in Thailand. Ours just watch and enjoy the booty.
6) Capitalism-In the quest for common good of their respective countries, businessmen would spearhead infrastructure, industrialization and capital intensive activities to spur national wealth and job creation even if the risks are very very high. Sa atin, ang concentration is the easy money, low risk ventures lang--which is basically importation of goods, sending OFWs, outsourcing, malls and more malls creation. So much unlike the route taken of South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and even Vietnam now. What will happen to us then?

In short, mukhang walang -ism na kayang lumaban sa Filipino culture. The culture that I, myself and me is first and foremost; and that there is no real cause worth dying for, that there is no real sense for the common good. Sarili lamang palagi, pera pera lang.

Malungkot talaga.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...

I share your sentiments, sad to say I really do not see light in the end of the tunnel for the Philippines. Our leaders are leading us to doomsday!

11:36 PM  

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