Friday, October 06, 2006

My Present Stressor

Its been three weeks since Shirly, our trusted household help, went home to her province in Antique. She was forced to go home because of a person named Adelfa. Adelfa is another household help serving for my brother-in-law's sister. Apparently she felt that Adelfa was being unfair to her because she is the only one doing the chores while this sinister villain is just texting all day long. Adelfa is not helping her at all.

Adelfa is the kind of person who will work only if her masters (my brother-in-law and his sister)are present. She has "AIDS" (short for As If Doing Something) everytime her employer is looking at her. The mere sight of her makes my blood boil! My sister's house is already a mess! Three weeks had pass and our house did not receive any kind of cleaning!

Im surprised that there are still living creatures like her! She is one LAZY bitch! Pardon me for my language but I just couldn't help it. Just the thought of her makes my blood pressure to sky rocket!

Please help me in this dilemma. I want to live longer....


Blogger AL said...

A lot of people has AIDS. Ooops I might be one of them.

4:09 AM  

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