Monday, July 27, 2009

Anyone Still Intersted?

It is already quarter past 12 midnight here, I still can't sleep, probably because the level of caffeine in my system is still at its peak. I was trying to bore myself to imbibe sleep so I thought of reading GMA's last State of the Nation Address. I haven't reached one fourth of the "mile long" speech prepared by God knows who and I got so annoyed I stopped reading it. I thought whingeing about it would be a better alternative.

From what I've read, she is commending herself for steering the country to calm waters, weathering the storm of the global economic crisis. Lauding oneself is not a good thing to do. It's plain and simple bu11$h!t! I reckon it's the Filipinos' resiliency that should be credited not her and her leadership. Please stop using Cory's name, which by the way she did at the beginning of the SONA, hoping to draw sympathy from the supporters of the original People Power's choice. The speech was boycotted by lawmakers, senators and congressmen alike, obviously fed up with lies and deceit. Most of all, majority of Filipinos probably did not care at all anymore.

The whole nation is already numb madame. Please get it over and done with and just leave. We already had enough. I guess you and all your henchmen are already full up to the brim. Please spare some for the poor Filipino nation. May God bless the Philippines.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Barrington Tops

Last week, my wifey, Nen visited me and my family here in Sydney. She took time off from work and her busy schedule with the kids just to be with me. We spent quality time together though it was so limited. We went to Barrington Tops and stayed at the Riverwood Downs Mountain Resort. It was a perfect getaway, very remote, very serene and far away from all the hassle and bustle of daily living.

So much memories we had that it was so painful when she left for home. Looking at the brighter side of it, at least we still have something to look forward to... getting together again. Missing each other so much is good in a way because you know that you are still so much in love with each other.

To my dearest Nen, if by any chance you get to read this post, thanks heaps for all the loving and caring you are giving and showing me. I know you deserve more than this, I'll make it up to you when the time comes. I will be waiting for your next trip to Sydney.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


I was shot in the chest twice, kicked on the face and left shivering in the cold dark night for dead. The scene was so horrible, I was gasping for air as if it was my last. Earlier, my wife and I were hearing Sunday mass. I don't know how but it seems that she was singing amongst the choir and at the same time besides me sitting on one of the front pews. She looked at her back and saw this person staring at us with dagger looks! She whispered to me that it was somebody in her past. I slowly turned my head towards the direction of the person to have a look. It seems that the person was trying to tell me to watch out.

The scene was changed, suddenly we are inside our bedroom getting ready to sleep. She was wearing my long-sleeved shirt and I was wearing my pajamas and white t-shirt. I remember how good looking she was in my shirt. The mood was so romantic and we were hugging and kissing when suddenly our door bell rang. I got up, went outside the room and got to the door. When I opened it, the person I saw in the church was standing on our porch with a gun aimed directly at me. I greeted "good evening, what can I do for you." Without uttering a word, the person fired the gun hitting me on the chest and as I was slumped on the floor bleeding, I felt a kick on my face. I was shivering and gasping for breath. The night was so cold or maybe it is hypovolaemia setting in on me.

I suddenly woke up, I was freezing! I didn't have any blanket on, I remember I gave mine to my mother who was sleeping besides me. I do not know how Sigmund Freud will interpret this but it was one helluvah nightmare. Scary it may seem but I am ready for anything that can happen. If this is the price I have to pay, bring it on!