Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Its halloween and I have nothing to do, I just finished House aired on 10 every Wednesdays. I decided to bloghop but to my dismay, spam blogs keep on appearing! Hell its really annoying! I guess the Google guys can't do anything about it. I think 8 out of 10 blogs are spam. Sickening isn't it.

Next blog please!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Currently Hooked On House

I haven't updated my blog for days, I can't stop watching House since we bought the complete 3 season DVD. Im on the 3rd season now. I hope the team will be back together again in the 4th season. Gotta go, I'll watch again!


Friday, October 26, 2007


The latest in Philippine politics... presidential pardon given to the convicted plunderer and ex- president Joseph Estrada. Very untimely, odd it seems. What will the Filipino people think... Another cover-up, a patch to cover a bigger hole, thats what many will think. All of the so called advisers of Macapagal-Arroyo are IDIOTS! A decision of this magnitude only shows that this is another diversionary tactic. Idiots! the timing is so very wrong! Not now when your dwarf boss is in hot waters... the NBN deal, the bribery issue, to name a few. The reason is very obvious.

If the pardon is really genuine and if reconciliation is the true reason, she should had forgiven her predecessor years ago! What a waste of time, money and talent. Imagine going all through the hearings at the Sandiganbayan and for what... this? A pardon! Come on, please show us some delicadeza here.

I pity all my kababayans in the Philippines, when will this end? Not in generations to come I reckon.

Friday, October 19, 2007

An Evening At Max Brenner

The whole family is suppose to dine out earlier but we had an early dinner here at Eric's house. Cynthia cooked our favorite Sinigang na Baka which we couldn't resist.

After dinner Heidi and Abel planned to have dessert at the Pancake House in Redbank however Ine suggested that we go to Parramatta and try out the chocolates at Max Brenner. Man... its delicious! The coffee is great too! My only concern is that the store space is not enough to accommodate the many customers coming in.

I hope to go back there, hangout enjoy good coffee and maybe just maybe meet somebody there.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

She's The One

Very seldom can you see her face glow but whenever you get to see her smiling it is always a pleasant sight to watch. Her smile is worth a thousand words, I really can't describe it much more put it into writing. She's my everything for now, heaven knows how hard life will be for me when she leaves me and I am hoping its not going to be in a decade's time. I want to be with her every moment of my life to care for her, comfort her, show her my love.

It seems that all that I am doing for her is nothing compared to all the things she has done for me. If not for her, surely I will not be of existence, in this stature that I am now. She played one of the biggest role in my life if not the biggest.

Her name is Leticia, Letty to close friends and relatives. Mother of five, grandmother to 4 lovely children, a very good wife and my one and only NANAY. I couldn't ask for more.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Manny Pacquiao Wins Anew!

It was a 12 round battle but when the smoke cleared, the Philippines favorite son, our very own Manny Pacquiao emerged victorious over Mexican boxing superstar, Marco Antonio Barrera.

Manny did not disappoint millions of Filipinos watching all over the world. We were able to watch the fight at the Rooty Hill RSL Club live. Hundreds of our kababayans flocked the RSL to view the match free of charge!

Another victory under the belt of Pacquiao, but what is more important is the PRIDE, GLORY and HONOR he brings to the country and his fellow kababayans as well!

Well done, MANNY PACQUIAO! Congratulations! Enjoy the festivities, you've earned it mate!

Friday, October 05, 2007

"We Are Not Desperate Doctors"

These were the reactions of Philippine Health Secretary Dr. Francisco Duque with regards to the latest "racial slur" brouhaha against Philippine medical schools and to that effect Filipino doctors as well by the writer/writers of the TV series, Desperate Housewives.

The issue all started in a scene where one of the leading characters of Desperate Housewives, Susan Mayer, is arguing with her doctor regarding menopause. In the scene, Susan, played by Teri Hatcher said >"before we go on can I check those diplomas 'cause I want to make sure they're not from some med school in the Philippines."

Well, whoever wrote the script of that particular episode needs some explaining and apologizing to do. Racial comment and slur like this one has no place in a civilized society. If you are educated enough, which I seriously doubt, those lines should not come out from your brain, small and convolution-less it maybe.

Filipino doctors are highly regarded worldwide not just in the States, many can attest to that, not only in the field of medical practice but also in the field of research and academics. We maybe poor but we are absolutely not desperate! Hell I'm sure many Filipino doctors practicing in the States pay more taxes than you do!

A public apology is in order here, and I think shows like this, written by pea-brained script writers are not to be patronized at all.

I am attaching a video of the exact scene from YouTube.

My iPod Dock

I am just enjoying this superb product of Altec Lansing. Price is reasonable too!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What Will You Do

...if someone doesn't answer back your SMS's and emails?
...if someone close to you keeps on hoarding rubbish?
...if someone kisses you daily thru text message?
...if you keep on receiving rejection letters?
...if your elbows and shoulders are hurting?
...if you are already 40 and haven't achieve anything yet?
...if you miss your close friends?
...if you can't play badminton anymore?
...if getting tired of tidying up the house?
...if your R/C car is broken?
...if you want to start a new relationship?
...if your mates want to have a drink but you can't go?
...if your little toe is swollen?
...if someone you love to doesn't want you anymore?
...if you do not have your own computer?
...if your new lacoste shirt got stained?
...if your watch is always ahead of time?
...if you can't buy the Nikon camera you always dream of having?
...if you do not know what else to blog?


Monday, October 01, 2007

Melbourne Storm WIns The NRL Premiership

Last night we were glued to the TV watching the NRL grand finals. Its the first grand finals that I really watched from beginning to the end. I was not rooting for anybody although we were hoping the Sea Eagles win because they were from NSW. I was just enjoying the game.

I guess I have to enjoy such games from now on, so long for basketball, badminton and formula 1 which I followed religiously when I was in the Philippines. Now its NRL, AFL, and please not cricket for me.

Kudos to the Storm for a game well played!