Thursday, July 31, 2008

GMA, Eat This!

I found this video from you tube...

This is too much! This the TRUE "state of the nation"...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

$1,800 For Four Lollies!

It's over and done with. After months of self review and studying, finally I got to sit and finish the MCQ exams yesterday. While most of the Sydneysiders and pilgrims from around the globe marched their way to the Randwick Racecourse yesterday, for a vigil in anticipation for the Holy Father's World Youth Day mass today, about close to 300 overseas trained doctors (me included) worked out a sweat answering the MCQ exams!

It was quite a good experience! The exams were computerised and we were treated with free coffees and candies! I had 4 lollies during the entirety of the exam that's why I was joking my sisters that I ate the most expensive lollies on earth! (the exam costs $1,800!) I guess I have to wait for another month for me to know the results. I'm not too confident in passing that test but I sure am hoping for the best.

After the exams I was in a hurry going home, I knew that Eric, Jorge and Alvin were waiting for me for our weekly "boy's party" but I was shocked by the news that they had rushed my father to the hospital that afternoon because he "collapsed." I was very worried knowing that my Tatay is like a walking time bomb ready to explode any moment of the day. He was subsequently admitted at the Baulkham Hills Private Hospital and was treated for AF. (the boy's party pushed thru but it was a "SOLEMN" one :) ) He is better now, we visited him earlier this morning after hearing mass.

I still need your prayers, especially for the speedy recovery of my father.

Its good to be back writing again!