Thursday, September 17, 2009

Circumstances And My Tomorrow

It's been a while, I know. I don't want to fabricate alibis to cover my unproductiveness. I can't think of an acceptable excuse to cloak my worthlessness. Fact of the matter is that I became so lazy thinking of something to write about to update this weblog of mine. It seems that my dull, routine and monotonous existence reached its plateau already. No more exciting things to write. No more new happenings and events to tell. No more incidents and experiences to share. Nothing... Nada... Nought... Nil... Zero... Zilch!

I can't complain much, I mean, I know that I should be the one controlling my destiny, my future, my life, but now I think circumstances do. I admit I should dictate how circumstances will work towards my destiny but at the moment its the other way around. I anticipated that sooner or later this will happen to me and to us and now it looks like it is becoming a reality. Makes me think I am inept, useless and futile. I know deep in my heart I am not. I wish I could do something but my hands seem to be tied, my legs bound, my lips silenced and my brain forced to a grinding halt.

I am just hoping for the best, fingers crossed. I hope I can get out of this dilemma soon. At the moment, only time can tell about the outcome. Nobody can envision what really is there for me and for us tomorrow. Faith in Him and reassuring words from her are the only armaments I have. I know in the end, things will still work out well for me and for us. Good will triumph over evil and everyone will live happily ever after.

I rest my case...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Is It Always Like This?

The ones that you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most.