Friday, February 29, 2008

World's Greediest!

This one is for the books! With the rate the present Philippine government is looting the country of its funds, it's unimaginable what will happen to our "poor" nation. It's unbelievable! We are not talking of millions of pesos here, it's BILLIONS and BILLIONS of US dollars we are talking about. How can you resist or let go of it just like that???

That is why I think no amount of people power, mass protests and rallies can ever topple this government of its hold to power. (Although at the back of my mind I am always hoping for an end to this VERY CORRUPT and GREEDY regime.) I do not think they can just easily let go of the loot they've amassed. It's like asking for the moon so to speak to ask for this "illegitimate" government to step down and be accountable. That's impossible! They will not do that... They are already blinded by their EXCESSIVE GREED and power!

What I think the Philippines needs is Divine intervention. I think God should act now... the whole nation (I mean all) should ask for God's help. I suggest we set a particular time and date when the whole Filipino nation will stop and pray for God's intervention. Prayers can move mountains and with a VERY BIG mountain of money that this government stole, a lot of prayers are needed to move it even for a tiny bit!

Marcos and Estrada combined are no match to the greediness of you know who and her family. Unbelievable!

I pray that it will rain fire inside Malacanang and burn your assess straight to hell.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Abalos' "BURJER"

Enjoy Ben's (Abalos) BURJER!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Time To Step Down!

I do not know what "charisma" the small woman has that up to now, she seem to have a very firm grip on the power of the presidency. What I mean is, WHY the hell is she still inside the palace of Malacanang despite all the coup attempts, unimaginable scandals involving her and her family, people power revolutions and election fraud controversies? What is in her? What "magic" does she possess?? Who is behind her???

Corrupt and powerful leaders like Marcos and Estrada had their asses kicked out by power of the Filipino people but why can't we oust a family of crocodiles with bottomless hunger for money and wealth, people power and all? The Catholic church can't do anything, the Makati Business Club can't either. Why?

Incredible! Unbelievable! Astronomical!

Probably what is lacking is the true desire of the whole nation to be free from tyranny and corruption. What we want is what we get and we deserve it. To hell with "People Power Fatigue" which is becoming to be the great escape of millions of apathetic Filipinos who just want to wait for GMA's term to expire.

I reckon the time is now, 2 years is still 2 years and who knows how much they can still steal in that span of time... For all we know they can sell the whole of Mindanao or Palawan perhaps and pocket all the proceeds of the sale! Stand up for our rights! Blog for her RESIGNATION! Pray for the country and the good people who care.

There is still STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! Peace.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How Much More Can We Endure?

I haven't been blogging for a while, firstly because I am a bit preoccupied by my new job which started only last Monday and secondly I was thinking that my blogging will not make a difference anyway, especially when it comes to Philippine politics.

Honestly I am very much up-to-date when it comes to current affairs in the Philippines, thanks to my source of Filipino news, the Inquirer website. I really wanted to blog, rant, belch out my frustrations, make sarcastic comments about this filthy NBN deal but I said to myself, hell... what for? Nothing will not change anyway. But after reading Jenny Llarena's multiply site, "Jenny She Said", it made me think otherwise and immediately my fingers became itchy hence this post.

I remember the time she commented on my multiply site entry Maybe It's About Time. It was the time when Trillanes and Gen. Lim were having a stand-off at the Manila Peninsula. She was very modest back then in saying that it would be more prudent to wait for two more years until GMA's term expires. I disagreed in a way because that is precisely the reason why the Philippines is still governed by a little powerful lady, many Filipinos are being apathetic. What is more important to many of us is we eat three times a day and that's it. It doesn't matter if our rights are being trampled upon.

Kudos to Jenny! She came to her senses and is now making a stand. I also want to thank her for inspiring me to write again. I hope many could read this and the links above and be inspired as well to stand up.

Prayers also should be offered to Jun Lozada and his family. I know his ordeal is not a joke. The Filipino nation hopes he will make the difference! God bless the Philippines!

Peace to all!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

End Of The Line For De Venecia

They say all things come to an end. True. Now its the end of Joe De Venecia's happy days as he was OUSTED by his allies as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Now he's barking at the midget and her family denouncing graft and corruption in her government.

Excuse me, Joe but it isn't new anymore. The whole earth knows that GMA's government is the most corrupt Philippine government ever. Many if not all of us know for a fact that you are part of this graft and corruption in Arroyo's government. Now that you are ousted, you want to start yakking about it. Come on, you could do better than that... better if you just return to your constituents some of the loot you've amassed instead of changing clothes and joining the opposition in denouncing the president.

Remember, it is because of your doings that the GMA's impeachment never passed congress. Its because of you that the country continues to suffer under a corrupt government that you supported and tolerated. The country bled under you. Its not too easy just to forget that.

Oh well, his ouster, I reckon, will do the country a little good, at least one traditional politician out of power. I hope many of his henchmen and allies fall too.

Yes, there is end to everything!