Friday, February 29, 2008

World's Greediest!

This one is for the books! With the rate the present Philippine government is looting the country of its funds, it's unimaginable what will happen to our "poor" nation. It's unbelievable! We are not talking of millions of pesos here, it's BILLIONS and BILLIONS of US dollars we are talking about. How can you resist or let go of it just like that???

That is why I think no amount of people power, mass protests and rallies can ever topple this government of its hold to power. (Although at the back of my mind I am always hoping for an end to this VERY CORRUPT and GREEDY regime.) I do not think they can just easily let go of the loot they've amassed. It's like asking for the moon so to speak to ask for this "illegitimate" government to step down and be accountable. That's impossible! They will not do that... They are already blinded by their EXCESSIVE GREED and power!

What I think the Philippines needs is Divine intervention. I think God should act now... the whole nation (I mean all) should ask for God's help. I suggest we set a particular time and date when the whole Filipino nation will stop and pray for God's intervention. Prayers can move mountains and with a VERY BIG mountain of money that this government stole, a lot of prayers are needed to move it even for a tiny bit!

Marcos and Estrada combined are no match to the greediness of you know who and her family. Unbelievable!

I pray that it will rain fire inside Malacanang and burn your assess straight to hell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. Only prayer and God's divine intervention can help us rid of her and bring her to justice.
With all the money available to her, she has all the resources to stay in power and also, she will never resign.
May God have mercy on our nation.

3:50 PM  

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