Thursday, January 10, 2008

End To Plastic Bags?

Newly elected Environment Minister of Australia, Peter Garett hopes to phase out the use of plastic bags by the end of 2008. Reports show that Australia alone consumes 4 billion plastic bags per year most of them ending up on landfills! Wow that's a lot.

As usual, critics are up in arms, saying that plastic bags are part of our lives and if they are going to replace it with biodegradable paper, it will add up more to the greenhouse effect. They are claiming that in order to resolve the paper issue, more trees have to be cut down to produce paper.

Well in my humble opinion, I think Garett has a point here. Plastics should be slowly phased out and be replaced by biodegradable paper bags. Why not give it a try first? People should be discourage to use plastic bags by imposing some levy on those who will use it and reward those who will refuse to use it by giving some discounts, for example, to those using reusable green bags which many Aussies are doing right now.

With regards to paper shortage... I'm sure you've heard of a process called "RECYCLING." In case those critics don't know or have forgotten, paper can be recycled. Another thing is plant more trees, I'm sure in 10 to 20 years we can use these trees to make paper. If not in our lifetime, maybe in the generations still to come.

Another thing is that, Australia should not be the only one doing this. The whole world should. Starting with the most powerful nation on earth down to the "third world nations" as well.

Haven't you noticed, pictures from Payatas, Smokey mountains and major landfills in the Philippines are tinted mostly by BLUE "SM" plastic shopping bags? Mr. Sy are you aware of this? I am sure you are not. Why don't you share the brunt of caring for the environment? That goes to all of us too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SM is also in transition. They have begun using environment-friendly recyclable bags in the supermarket. Slowly, this will also be in the department stores.
SM is working with environmental groups on that project.
See this news article

SM supermarkets launch reusable GreenBag

6:58 PM  
Blogger Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...

that's good to hear, wala pa kasi green bags dun nung umalis ako...

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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