Monday, January 07, 2008

Pinoy Arseholes!

Have you ever experienced being bullied at work? I am sure many of us Filipinos living abroad have experienced it one time in our lives. But nothing is more horrible than being bullied by good for nothing Filipino co-workers!

What the fu@k is wrong with these insecure monkeys?!?

Let's face it, some Pinoys can be real pains in the butt. The nerve of our kababayans who feel and act like they are some royalties from England. Those Pinoys who are more "slang" than our Caucasian counterparts are nothing than a bunch of insecure bu11$h!t! Yun bang mga mahanginan lang ng winter eh nakalimutan na managalog! BULL$h!T kayo! To hell with those who think they own the country because they migrated on a much earlier date.

This is a fact that is happening to some of Filipinos living and working overseas. What I can advise you is to fight back! Do not let these arseholes bully you. Pare-pareho lang naman tayong kumakain ng tuyo at galunggong! Nakakainis di ba?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, I agree. Fight back. Assholes!

10:35 PM  
Anonymous DOOGIE said...

Pinoy ang isa sa pinaka worst na co- worker.

Worst co-workers:
1. Negro
2. Pinoy
3. Instik/ Vietnamese/Korean etc.

Best co workers:
1. Amerikanong puti
2. Latino/ South Americans
3. Europeans

2:24 PM  
Blogger Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...

MAGULANG sa trabaho marami sa mga pinoy!

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maraming bumbay magulang sa trabaho.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...

i think di lang sa trabaho sila magugulang! hehehe.

babaho pa! ;)

12:42 AM  
Blogger VegasFilAmGuy said...

We should not generalize cultures though. That will lead to race wars and racism. Also, we shouldn't call ourselves monkeys. That's degrading, demeaning, and demoralizing.

Generalizing a culture is just not the right thing to do. That's in reference to the comments above.

5:41 AM  
Anonymous doogie said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with classifying people by race. If you studied the demographics of diseases, medical books classify people based on their race and what are the predominant diseases on that particular race. Sickle cell disease is predominant in black people. Is that racist? There a many biochemical enyzme deficiency among Azkenazi Jews, is that anti-semitic?

Even with the current election results, they classify people by race, and which race voted for whom.

The Filipinos we are discussing here are Filipinos who have been in the Philippines and worked abroad or are now based abroad. There is a HUMONGOUS DIFFERENCE between Filipinos born and raised in the Philippines and Filipinos born and raised somewhere else.

Racism is alive and well in the US my friend and dont even try to deny it.

If given a choice, would you live in a predominantly black neighborhood?

10:41 PM  

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