Monday, August 17, 2009

Picnic Day

I took and finished the Australian Citizenship exam today. After a few days of half-hazard review, finally it's over. Now I can apply for Aussie citizenship and hopefully get a blue passport so I can go to visit Nen in LA. Blue is better than green to some freaking people. Now they can't deny me entry if I have blue!

It's a good thing I was granted my picnic day, today. At least I can relax after a whole week of work. I just want to enjoy this day. No cleaning of our car, no house chores, no washing of dishes, no cooking, no laundry... i'll just have fun.

Right now I am here at Abel's. I wasn't able to see her since Friday so I thought I'd pay her a visit. I am glad she is doing OK. Thank God! Oh well, enough said for the day...


Saturday, August 15, 2009

ZZZZZZzzzzzz, I Hope

It is nearly half past one and I am having another one of those sleepless nights. I can't doze off even if my whole body wants to rest, this is so annoying and to think I have to report early for work later as I will be pitching in for my colleague, Anjila.

I just had a chat with my sister, Heidi. She went online while inside a coffee shop near their place in Salcedo Village. She got bored waiting for Rommie so she decided to go out. It's good to see and catch up with her again.

Earlier I was talking to Nen. She and the kids will be driving to Vegas later today. I hope they will have a safe trip. I will miss her a lot because they will be staying there for 3 days and 2 nights. Our chat room will be empty, dang!

As I write, Nanay is holding on to my arm, as usual. She is peacefully sleeping, snoring at times. Sometimes I envy her, she doesn't have any problem whatsoever. I wish I could sleep soundly like what she is doing at the moment. After writing this post, I probably will just stare at her the whole night hoping that her sleep will become contagious and get into me.

I am still waiting for you, Sleep Fairy! Where the heck are you by the way?