Sunday, September 21, 2008

Li'l Abner

Every time I enter a patient's room at the Mater Hospital, I always introduce myself politely by saying my name and the department which I belong to. More often than not the patients have fancied my name. One common question I usually encounter is where did my name come from.

It was actually my father's idea of christening me Abner. He got my name from a long running newspaper comic strip by Al Capp, Li'l Abner. Apparently while waiting for my mum to give birth that morning of July 14, 1967, he was reading a newspaper and saw the comic strip, ingenious isn't it? My name has biblical background as well, Abner was King Saul's cousin and Commander-in-Chief of his army.

Famous namesakes include; Abner Doubleday, Abner Dalrymple, Abner Powell, baseball players, Abner Haynes, a footballer and Abner Mikva, a former US politician.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Blogging Hiatus

Its been a month since I posted in my blog, I've been very busy with work and when at home busy with house chores. So much had happened this past month which I missed musing on, my failed AMC exam, Eric's 40th birthday, the Beijing Olympics, my new "old" car, my weekend shifts at the Mater Hospital, the car accident last Saturday, getting lost while driving to work, Tatay's diabetic foot, Heidi's return to the Philippines, Jil's postponed netball game, the boys' backyard basketball hoop, Ate Bless' visit in Sydney, Alvin's new job... to name a few.

August passed by that quickly and it brought with it the cool winter wind. Springtime is here and I HOPE it will inspire me to write more.

Good to be back... AGAIN!