Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Angel

I received this poem from my one and only love. I just want to share this to you...

My Angel

If you didn't come into my life,
Lost will be the dreams i had
Of a bright and happy tomorrow.
Vulnerable to the evils of the flesh,
Emotions often betray my being
You are an angel sent from above
One, bound to set free my soul.
Unjustly chosen to withstand hurt.
Anguished, tarnished my heart may be,.
Because of your love,...hope thrives..
New life dawns for two hearts yearning.
Ending solace , fear and despair...
Remain and forever dwell in my heart ,my love,
this i ask of you..

Friday, February 20, 2009

For You

I know this is long overdue
Loneliness gone because of you.
Our lives changed nothing's blue
Visions of tomorrow became new.
Enjoying every second, love grew
You are my life, I need you true.
One by one my problems flew
Unlike before my heart's black in hue.
Now you're here one became two
Earth and heaven are witnesses too,
Never again will I bid adieu.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Gentle Giant

From afar a golden voice came echoing,
Waking a gentle giant from deep slumbering.
Hesitant at first smiles abound thereafter,
Happiness ensued his heart beat louder.

Scent of love in the air ensued,
The heart of the sleeping giant wooed.
Mornings blossomed full of endless hope,
For a peaceful life near a slope.

Mistakes forgiven pasts have been forgotten too,
This gentle giant invested his emotions true.
Lightning struck breaking hearts to pieces,
A quiet and painful cry releases.

How much more could his heart endure?
Only him and no one could cure.
His only wish to the voice afar,
Cut deep and leave a scar.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

V day, B day

Valentines day... like any ordinary day, passed by just like a wink of an eye. Time really flies and hell its fast! The supposed to be day of the hearts became a day of waiting... waiting for my special someone which surprisingly did not show up.

The day became more gloomy as the rain kept on pouring, as if adding insult to injury. I wasn't able to go out to take photographs or practise my swing in the driving range or clean my car. It was so boring!

Might as well hibernate today... ho hummm....