Friday, March 30, 2007

Live Hostage "Show"

Last Wednesday, 28th of March, the whole of the nation and part of the world, I think, witnessed a "circus" of some sort when an unknown clown named Jun Ducat and another cohort hostaged 32 pre schoolers and 2 of their teachers inside a bus in Manila. The hostage show lasted for more than 8 hours before the clowns finally gave up to another jester running for senate. Whew! What a show!

Ducat was not asking for ransom, during his show, he just asked for free education for all the children in his day care center and out of the blue ranted about the corruption in the government and how dirty politics is in the Philippines. However he exempted no less than the president in the corruption issue.

I symphatize with the issues that he is trying to vent out, but hey Jun, you just can't hold hostage a bus full of inocent children and put their lives in danger by holding grenades without pin near them.

You should rot in jail! People like you should not be glorified. No! the country do not need peolple like you who seek attention by endangering other peoples' lives. I think you need an ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) just like any other virgin cases of Schizophrenia patients are getting.

You are one delusional SOB! You just added insult to the country's tarnished name. We do not need you here. Rot in jail!

Monday, March 26, 2007


I bet you already saw the new TV advertisement of Tessie Aquino-Oreta explaining why she did the "dancing queen" move during the Estrada impeachment trial. Makes me puke everytime I see it!!!

I can't imagine how some candidtaes will stoop so low just to get votes! Well, you do not get mine and so are the votes of millions of "WISE" filipinos!

Monday, March 19, 2007

My Senatoriables

I just to share to you who I think are worthy of being a senator of the Republic:

1. Chiz Escudero
2. Allan Peter Cayetano
3. Martin Bautista
4. Antonio Trillanes IV
5. Ping Lacson
6. Gringo Honasan
7. Loren Legarda
8. Sonia Roco
9. Zosimo Paredes
10. Joker Arroyo

Philippines Made It!

Sad to say but the Philippines is THE MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT IN THE WHOLE OF ASIA! This was according to a news article released by "The Inquirer" last week.

I don't know how "Team Arroyo" can deal with that. Some if not almost all of its canditates are like "HUNGRY PIGS" waiting to devour on what's left in poor Juan dela Cruz' hands....

HAVE MERCY ON US!!!!! Stop CORRUPTION at once! Aren't you satisfied enough???

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Election Is Just Around The Corner

Campaign posters everywhere, new roads and bridges being built, political advertisements on TV, smear campaigns, political linked killings... SIGNS that ELECTIONS are just around the corner.


Please do not allow a jueteng lord to become a law maker! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Stand Still

My life is presently on a halt. Nothing new is happening to me. Still bumming around. That is why I haven't blog regularly. I have nothing to say. I only might bore you away...

Hooo Huummmm!!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chiz It!

I am not being paid for this but Chiz Escudero will definitely get my vote for the May 2007 elections!

Please do the Philippines a favor.... DO NOT PLANT PECHAY in the Senate! Do you know that he (the PECHAY man) leads everybody in TV ads campaign expenditures??? Where do you think he will get all his "return of investments?"