Monday, December 28, 2009

Resolution Or Irresolution?

2009 is coming to an end. New year is just around the bush, hiding, ready to pop out any minute from now. Together with 2010 come heaps of resolutions, intentions, commitments and promises. People almost always try to fashion out ways to do or not to do things for a change, to make life easier and better. But do you honestly believe these new year's resolutions are being done at all?

My answer to that query is a resounding NO! I for one is guilty of this, not changing for the better. After a fit of holiday giddiness, I am pretty sure that all of these resolutions and plans will just end up in the rubbish bin. Funny how people still take time to make a list of things they want to change for the year ahead... such a waste of time, effort and resources. Why not for a change, forget these new year's resolution thing and move along with our own lives, see how it goes. Let us spare ourselves with all of these disappointments and frustrations! Expect less... that's the way it should be.

By the way the opposite of resolution according to the thesaurus is "weakness." A fitting word for the human race. Aren't we all lame???

Have a good new year y'all.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Loneliness Bug

Whew! Here I go again... Whinging if you might say, but hey, today really is a bloody frantic day at work. Everybody and everything needs to be done before the Christmas break. Believe it or not, I started at half past 12 and it's nearly 8ish before I got the chance to sit and rest. Whoa! What a day this really is. Earlier, before I can even log-on and put my stuff away, I was immediately plagued by handovers and endorsements, the main phone, which is a familiar accessory on my waist didn't stop ringing. It really was ridiculous, really crazy if I may add.

Now, I feel so tired and lonely... Looks like I literally consumed all my adrenaline. There's no more energy left in me anymore, hence another one of my rants! I cant help but look back on my past life back home, when I used to be on top of everything. Frustrating! This freaking loneliness bug is on my tail and is catching up quite fast. I hate this feeling! Bugger!

How I wish this haunting feeling will go away. I don't want to be sad come Christmas day. I don't want to wear a frowning mask at home and at work. Please help me drive this crazy feeling away.

I am so lost!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Depth Of Field

Some shots from my new Sigma lens...