Monday, January 26, 2009

Nature Trip

Yesterday, Sunday, I went with Eric and his family to Ku-Ring Gai National Park in Bobbin Head. They went fishing and I brought my camera and just clicked away...

Here are some of the pictures.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Played Badminton

T'was summer of the early years of this millenium when almost all big storage houses, covered spaces and vacant lots in the Philippines were converted into playing courts. Back then a sport rarely known and played by Filipinos fast became a craze as evidenced by disappearance of tennis racquets on display racks of sporting goods stores. Those thick framed racquets were replaced by Badminton racquets.

Badminton became the country's most popular sport. It even surpassed Basketball in popularity as the country's professional league slowly but surely became so boring as it became a trying hard, copycat of the NBA. Young and old, the affluent and the not so rich, people from all walks of life begun embracing the sport which uses a shuttlecock.

The game was introduced to me by Annie. Back then her sister and her sister's friends played badminton thrice a week. She invited me to one of their playing nights and I liked the game straight away. Its not because I just want to be "in," its because the game suited my age and stamina back then.

I can still remember the first time I played. I was wearing an "all borrowed" outfit. Shoes from my brother, shorts and shirt from my dad and racquet from my neighbour. I reckon I looked clumsy back then.

I became good at the sport, so to speak. Who wouldn't if you practise for more than 4 hours, 4 to 5 times a week. I won some tournaments and had trophies as well. I became so addicted to it that I feel bad every time our playing schedule was postponed.

Playing Badminton gave me the chance to meet new people and new friends. Some became my best friends even. Larry and his wife Bennet, Benjo, Dennis, Kap Arnel, Don, Kuya Em, Lolong, Ronald, Allan, Ted, Ed, Nonie, Ian, Robert Pitbull to name a few.

Presently I ceased to play the game, although I still belong to a Filo group who plays the game here in Australia. Its been 8 months now since I last held a shuttlecock. Life's different when you have to work 5 to 6 times a week and still have to do house chores after work. You will not have the energy to play anymore...

I guess this is post is being written to formally retire form the sport of Badminton. I will cherish all the memories, good and bad and I will treasure the friends I gained. I will surely miss the drop shots and the smashes, the fun and excitement. Later I will be hanging my Yonex racquet on the wall and will be using my Mizuno Badminton shoes as my walking shoes.

Thanks for the memories!