Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What Will You Do

...if someone doesn't answer back your SMS's and emails?
...if someone close to you keeps on hoarding rubbish?
...if someone kisses you daily thru text message?
...if you keep on receiving rejection letters?
...if your elbows and shoulders are hurting?
...if you are already 40 and haven't achieve anything yet?
...if you miss your close friends?
...if you can't play badminton anymore?
...if getting tired of tidying up the house?
...if your R/C car is broken?
...if you want to start a new relationship?
...if your mates want to have a drink but you can't go?
...if your little toe is swollen?
...if someone you love to doesn't want you anymore?
...if you do not have your own computer?
...if your new lacoste shirt got stained?
...if your watch is always ahead of time?
...if you can't buy the Nikon camera you always dream of having?
...if you do not know what else to blog?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life goes on.
And all of these shall pass.
Keep on praying.
God is watching. He has the best thing planned for you. Go with the flow.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous DOOGIE said...

What will I do?
I will buy a lottery ticket !
Ano ba yang post mo na yan, para namang desperate call for help.
You're just freak'n bored.That's what !

My comments:
You dont want to be in a stressful life that I've been living. There are times 48 hours akong gising, because of important matters that needs to be done.
2. PEOPLE ARE NEVER CONTENTED. Siguro yung mga senior citizens contented na, but for me, I always strive for more. Notice I used the word "STRIVE" meaning I work for it.

3.I've been to bad relationships, kaya I will not give advice about that. Pero I will say one thing: Si Dolphy nga, matanda na noon,pero... you know what I mean right?

4.About your blog,I really dont care what you post in here, the important thing for me is that nasa top 100 blogs ito sa Pinoy Blogs. I know you dont care about ranking, pero for me it is. Lets just leave it like that. I just want to brake the 100,000 barrier, pero hindi ako nagmamadali.

5. About the lottery ticket, Im serious about that. It keeps my hopes alive. I've been to Reno, Nevada na maraming slot machines etc. One thing I remember the most , yung mga matatanda mahilig sa slot machines. Why are they still gambling? Why do they want money pa, senior citizens na sila. Dibersyon? I dont think so. Addicted to gambling? NAH. My dad when he was alive always plays the lottery. My mom plays the lottery regularly. They are doing it not because of the fun playing it or they are addicted to gambling, they are doing it because THERE ARE LOTS OF THINGS that needs to be done, kahit na senior citizens na sila, they know the problems of the family, yung mortgage na dapat bayaran, yung mga tuition fees ng mga bata, etc.

I remember the time I applied for laboratory assistant, I got accepted sa Microbiology, but I turned it down, kase pareho lang ang sweldo sa trabaho ko ngayon. And I want to interact with more people to practice my conversational english. My unsolicited advice? Dont just apply for one or two or three jobs, apply sa lahat ng pwede mong pasukan. That was my biggest mistake before. Lahat sila applyan mo, My very first REAL JOB was a Clinical Research Coordinator, tons of paperworks and I did well. Why not try research? Basta maka bwelo lang.

8:14 PM  
Anonymous DOOGIE said...

Dont be afraid in talking ODD JOBS, very common yan sa nag-uumpisa. I remember the time I told my first job to my best friend na MCU graduate . Tawa sya ng tawa, kasi naging professor sya sa Family Medicine. I just took in stride, kasi mas mataas ang sweldo ko sa kanya. It was for 3 months I think. Sabi ko nga my biggest mistake was just applying for 1 or 2 jobs each time, then I wait for the result. Then finally I got accepted as a Clinical Research Coordinator.

I repeat, that's what I did, got an ODD JOB to get me settled and have money to support myself. Then applying for the jobs that I really want.

No my first job was not a McDonald's worker or an apple picker! LOL.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...

thanks for the comments dudes! i really appreciate it! probably you are right, boredom is slowly setting in. kaya siguro nagkakaganito ako. dumadami na ang hang-ups ko... but i am not losing FAITH, i know, HE has something stored for me.


7:30 PM  

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