Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blogger Problem

Haven't blogged for a week, I had problems logging in to Blogger. I don't know what happened. Nothing much occured last week. I just stayed with my mother at home. Last Thursday, we slept over at Eric's place and have been staying here since then. Friday was spent with the family, we went to Abel's house and helped them pack their things, they are preparing for the big "moving out" day which probably will take place in less than a month's time. The usual boy's party pushed thru. Saturday was the usual badminton day.

The weekend was spoiled by rain, there is nothing to do except eat and sleep. Everybody is preparing for work tomorrow, I wonder when will I experience manic Mondays???


Blogger AL said...

has been a rainy summer here too :(

8:22 PM  

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