Thursday, October 11, 2007

She's The One

Very seldom can you see her face glow but whenever you get to see her smiling it is always a pleasant sight to watch. Her smile is worth a thousand words, I really can't describe it much more put it into writing. She's my everything for now, heaven knows how hard life will be for me when she leaves me and I am hoping its not going to be in a decade's time. I want to be with her every moment of my life to care for her, comfort her, show her my love.

It seems that all that I am doing for her is nothing compared to all the things she has done for me. If not for her, surely I will not be of existence, in this stature that I am now. She played one of the biggest role in my life if not the biggest.

Her name is Leticia, Letty to close friends and relatives. Mother of five, grandmother to 4 lovely children, a very good wife and my one and only NANAY. I couldn't ask for more.


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