Sunday, May 25, 2008

Picky Eaters

There are times we have to scold our nephews and niece because of their bizarre eating habits. Each and everyone of them have their own rituals so to speak during mealtime. We do not have a problem with Migo, the eldest among my 4 nephews and niece. He eats almost everything that is served at the the table if he is in the mood, otherwise, problem! Eki, the second among the 3 boys has certain peculiarities. He only eats "sitaw" but prefers fish as viand. He is also fond of soy sauce. He usually stands up and leave the table even if he is not yet finished. You have to call him again and scold him before he finishes his meal. Wey, 5 years old, the youngest, is the most picky eater among the 3 boys. He prefers "Spam" most of the time and his mum has to spoon feed him, otherwise he will not eat. Jil my one and only niece also has preferences for food but being afraid of her mum makes her manageable at the table.

I wonder where they all got their trait of being a picky eater... Hmmm.... Probably from Oki (my pet name)! :-)

Honestly I grew up being a picky eater as well. My father who was an excellent cook, used to prepare a different dish just for me especially when our viand is fish. I do not eat fish, except for fried bangus (milkfish). The reason I always give whenever I was asked why I do not eat fish is that it is forbidden in our religion to eat fish (hehehe)! I don't know... I just don't like the taste and the smell! Once I was forced by my ex to taste fried "tilapia," I ended up in their bathroom throwing up. I just couldn't swallow it.

I am also fond of cooking. During my first 8 months here in Sydney, I do most of the cooking at our home because I have no job during those times. Pasta is my favorite recipe and obviously my favorite food. I can cook various filipino dishes, "adobo," "kare-kare," "kaldereta" and "sinigang" to name a few. It gives me a sense of fulfillment every time my family liked what I cooked. It makes me want to cook more. Cooking also relieves the stress of daily life. Our kitchen has become my "office" here in Sydney and I am happy to cook for my family.

So every time we eat with the kids, I leave the scolding for my other sister to do. I know what those kids feel and I don't want them to throw the question of "why they do not like the food" or "why they are not eating this or that" back to my face. I know that up to now I am still a picky eater and will grow old as such.


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