Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Story Of Nan Cheng

Violence begets violence. We always hear or read this phrase. Violence will never bring into existence peace and that is a fact. If you live your life with guns, gold and goons all your life, chances are your death will be related to guns, goons and gold as well. If you take away innocent lives just because they are not on your side, then, sooner or later your life will be taken away from you too, just like the way you do it.

The violent death of Nan Cheng was well deserved. He was gunned down while having a drinking spree with mates. Nobody knew who the killer was. Nan lived his life with a gun tucked on his waist, literally speaking. He was a "toughie" in his place, hitting almost anyone whom he doesn't like. Nan was a bully and he always see to it that he gets what he wants and what he needs. He was a drunkard and a heavy gambler. He was so evil, mean and abusive of his powers during his days. I cannot think of a good adjective to describe him.

Now that he is dead, I'm sure his family is in grief but I'm pretty sure that a majority is in jubilation knowing that the old bully is gone forever. No more pistol whipping, no more indiscriminate firing of guns during drinking sprees, no more unexplained disappearances and deaths, no more cheating in gambling places, no more drugs.

I told you my mother will outlive you... you sanabagan!


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