Saturday, December 17, 2005


It was quarter past 4 am, while I was having a rapid eye movement sleep, one stormy morning in our town. I was aroused by a loud banging on our gate. I looked outside my window and despite the heavy downpouring, I recognized Aling Choleng, a midwife manning our local health center, knocking hardly, she was with another woman who I didn't know.

I went downstairs to open the gate and I let them in. I asked Aling Choleng what their problem was, she said I must come with them immediately to the woman's house, her son apparently was not breathing anymore, 2 hours earlier. I instantly became mad and shouted at them..."you woke me up at this hour of the morning in the middle of a storm only to attend to a dead child!"

Really my first reaction was I am not GOD who can ressurect people from the dead. Something inside my head told me to go, unwillingly, I got hold of a jacket, grab the Pajero's keys and in no time I was driving my brother-in-law's car amidst the mud and rainwater. After 15 minutes we arrived at the woman's house. Many people were already inside. I found my way to the child, he was lying on the floor covered with blanket up to the neck. He was already cyanotic and I wasn't able to appreciate any heart sound. His limb were already stiff, sign of rigor mortis. He was dead for more than 4 hours. I told the woman and her husband that there is nothing I can do. I felt so sorry for them. I exited their house feeling guilty that I didn't do anything to the child except for getting his vital signs.

On my way home I was very exhausted and sleepy and I slept on the wheel of the Pajero, suddenly I felt a strong tap on my shoulder, my sister is trying to wake me up because its 9am and its time to go to mass. What a vivid dream I had!


Blogger AL said...

Goodness! I thought it was real.
Let us hope that this would not happen in real life. Must be devastating for a doctor.

2:49 AM  
Blogger Racky aka Bakya Ni Neneng said...

gott seid dank (thanx God)! it was just a dream.

happy weekend doc! advance Merry Christmas too.

6:01 AM  

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