Friday, December 02, 2005


Al this topic is for you...

You just misspelled it that is why you weren't able to get results.

Schistosomiasis, also known as bilharzia (bill-HAR-zi-a), is a disease caused by parasitic worms. Infection with Schistosoma mansoni, S. haematobium, and S. japonicum causes illness in humans. Although schistosomiasis is not found in the United States, 200 million people are infected worldwide.



Blogger AL said...

Thanks Abner! I depended on the spelling that was given to me by __. I appreciate your help.

BTW, I linked your blog (if you don't mind)

Happy holidays to you and your family!

4:20 AM  
Blogger ReNba OdEnRoH said...

No worries... Happy Holidays to you and your family too. Have a safe trip.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Racky aka Bakya Ni Neneng said...

bloghopping from al... should i follow Einstein? :)

guten tag!

3:35 AM  
Blogger ReNba OdEnRoH said...

kumusta kabayan? hehehe oks lang kung gusto mo sundin si einstein. :p

thanks for posting a comment.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Gusto kong magkaroon ng aesthetics dibdib. Naghahanap ako para sa isang plastic siruhano sa Turkey.

7:09 PM  

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