Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Are Doctors Really Needed Here?

IMHO, I do not think Australia is in dire need of doctors. Judging on the way how they select applicants (like going through a needle's eye), I reckon that the demand for doctors here, is not that urgent.

Today, I emailed all medical recruitment agencies, authorised by the Australian Government to help them find doctors to work here. Almost all replies I got are negative... they do not have job openings, suitable for my credentials at the moment.

Maybe I am "sour-graping" here but pardon me, I just feel that the selection criteria for overseas trained doctors here are so stingy, no one can even qualify.

Just my two cents.


Blogger AL said...

I think that doctors are needed wherever. Unfortunately, some countries think that our education in the Philippines is not as good (how wrong they are)as theirs. They think that we have third world education as well. I know how frustrating it is. I just hope you would not give up.

3:49 AM  
Blogger ReNba OdEnRoH said...

hi al! don't you think they are discriminating us by doing that? thanks for your comment, actually i am about to give up on my dreams of practising medicine here in australia.

11:32 AM  

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